‘Do Not Piss On Me and Tell Me It Is Raining’

Now that is a bit of a harsh statement.  I do not, as a rule, like quotes that use crude language.  However, I have used the quote above since my colleague, Earl, said it to me many years ago.  The word play…simply describes what I have experienced on numerous occasions during my life.

Politicians are excellent in  assuring us that they have our best interest at heart, when in reality they have their own interest at heart…and we are merely pawns to move around the chess board when it enables their political success!

How many times have we been told, by our elected leaders, that we must send our young people to war?  We are assured that we are fighting for freedom…and find out that we are fighting for oil!

There is nothing more insulting than to have a leader or a supervisor or a manager or an administrator…tell you a lie…to your face.

I worked for a boss, many years ago, that not only lied to me on a daily basis, but forgot the previous lie that he had told me and therefore developed a new one…at times on several occasions.  One day I told the boss that he must settle on which story that he wanted me to tell the staff…as he had, thus far, told me three separate accounts!

I was meeting with one of the chancellors of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale and was sitting and listening to the most outrageous fabrication of the truth…whereupon I admonished the leader that if he did not quit insulting my intelligence…that the meeting was over and that I was going to leave.

To not experience the respect for yourself as being a rationale and logical human being…is the height of insults!

President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, lied about the Tonkin Gulf attack, during the war in Vietnam…to facilitate the addition of thousands of Americans to the war effort.

After 50 thousand Americans lost their lives in Vietnam…we exited from the roof top of our embassy and left our South Vietnamese allies behind!  We not only did not win the war…we lost it!

I have witnessed preachers and pastors assure their humble flocks that if they will just give until it hurts, of their finances,…that they will be blessed and made wealthy and healed of their maladies!  I have seen the same people struggle to survive and to put food on their tables for themselves and their families!

In this world you must pay attention to the words that are coming out of a leader’s mouth and weigh those words against the empirical truth that you know is right.

When you see a political leader admit to lawbreaking and wrongdoing and assure the American people that they not only have the right to do so…but they have the right to do anything that they want!  You must think for yourself and admit that the understanding that you have seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears…supersedes the rhetoric that issues fourth from a leader that may be, ‘Pissing on You and Telling You That it is Raining!’



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