‘A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.’    Dictionary

Have you ever looked into a child’s eyes?  If they are well cared for and loved…they are full of wonder!  The world that they are surrounded by is all new and fresh and beautiful and inexplicable.  They see the unexpected…everyday!  Children do not want to go to sleep at night and they jump out of bed each morning, eager to begin a new day of exploration and discovery!

adorable baby beautiful child

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Santa Claus is real to children due to the fact that virtually everything that they encounter is a new experience and a miracle and a mystery.  Youngsters know that they can become anything that their hearts desire.  It is easy to believe that a Leprechaun lives at the other end of the rainbow…and that he has a pot of gold with him!


We live on a planet that is comprised of approximately two thirds water.  Most of it has never been seen by the human family.  Not many of us have climbed Mr. Everest or visited the Antarctic or walked on a glacier.

We speak one language and understand little of other cultures or ethnicities, or have broken bread with a person of another race.

We are involved in our own belief system…that was passed down to us from our parents and that they inherited from their parents.  We are suspect of other faiths…and yet we have never darkened the door to their church or mosque or temple.  We have heard the gossip and the lies and the suppositions about our fellow travelers and we have been content to believe the whisperings and back-bitings and slander…rather than explore for ourselves to determine the truth.

Do we know our neighbor?  I do not mean in the allegorical sense…I mean the person that lives next door to you?  Have we investigated the wonder and beauty of not only feeding the homeless…but getting to know them?

When we look into the night sky, there are untold stars and planets looking back at us.  If there is intelligent life on other worlds…perhaps they are biding their time…for the human family to first know each other…before they make their acquaintance?

I wonder what would happen if we would look into the eyes of our brothers and sisters….and see wonder…and ourselves looking back at us?

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