A 1960’s Halloween!

The Jazz Man

The third grade class was all abuzz with the excitement of each student wearing their Halloween costume to school!  It was cold…unseasonably cold for October the 31st.  Also, there was 4 inches of snow on the ground!  Snow on Halloween was not so unusual in the early 1960’s.  What made the day, even, more special was that the teacher, Mrs. Molinarolo, who had lived in Japan, was dressed as a Japanese Geisha.

Carl, who had of late been referring to himself as, Chet, was dressed in his famous Lost in  Space Robot costume, and with his perfect rendition of, ‘That does not compute,’ he was gathering crowds wherever he went!


Billy B. had arrived as Frankenstein…courtesy of his cousin, Gene, who had allowed him to borrow both the full head/mask and the Frankenstein hands.  Frankenstein kept proclaiming, ‘smoke good,’ as he carried an unlit cigar that his dad…had left behind.

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