Have You Forgotten How To Be Happy?

I was watching a television show on Showtime, last night, called The Affair.  One of the primary characters, Noah, had decided that rather than flee his home and loose all of his possessions, in California, he would stay with his accumulated stuff…of a lifetime…and burn-up…if necessary!  The character of his ex-wife, Helen, pleads for him to join her in an attempt to escape the flames…but he adamantly refuses.  Later in the hour psychological drama…Noah startles Helen as he raps on the window of the luxury automobile, that has a safety button for bio-warfare…called an apocalyptical button!  Helen asks him why he has changed his mind about leaving and he responds that, ‘movement is life!’  She decides to accompany him on an attempted hike out of the canyon that is on fire, rather than wait in an unmovable traffic jam.  Helen had picked a young couple that was attempting to flee on foot and they decide to stay with the bio-warfare protected automobile.

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As Noah and Helen proceed on a more than dangerous hike she asks him to elaborate on why he chose to escape…and he responds that he had looked at some old video of him and had realized that he had forgotten how to be happy.

Modern media purports to inform us on just what; pharmaceutical or movie or automobile or boat or travel…will ensure our happiness!  So often we believe that if we can just purchase our dream home…our recreational vehicle…or the finest of clothes and cuisine…we will finally reach nirvana!

Much as Charlton Heston proclaimed at the conclusion of the Apocalyptic movie, Soylent Green, ‘Soylent Green is people!”….I believe that, ‘Happiness is people!’

The more that we can get out of our own heads and raise our eyes from our smart-phones…the happier we will become.

There are two streams of thought regarding christianity…especially in the United States of America.

There are those who believe that God is a God of judgment and wrath and fire and fury.  This doctrine espouses that the path to heaven is narrow and there is no room for divergence from the interpretation of scriptures that the leaders or founders of the faith have set forth.  These groups attest that if you do not believe the faith walk that they are on…you are lost!  Many of these churches, which are often small in number of congregants…have no provision for members of the human family who have never been able to hear their, exclusive, precepts of faith….and, frankly, God is not worried about the  billions of people that are lost….but rather he has his eye on a select remnant.

The other stream of thought would be that christianity is for all humanity and the creator’s mind is much larger and more inclusive than the petty prejudices and misogyny and xenophobia of some humans.  God is a God of love and acceptance and forgiveness and desires for adherents too, ‘Love each other as I have loved you.’

Happiness comes from uplifting someone in need.  It comes from listening to someone who is sad.  It comes from making a meal for someone who is sick.

Happiness comes from loving your fellow traveler…who looks different than you…who worships differently than you do….who thinks differently than you….who loves differently than you….and who needs you to reach out to them!

We can choose to find meaning and God and hope and purpose in fashioning a god that agrees with all of our hatred and prejudice….or we can fellowship with a God that loves all of us…and wants us to be happy!

The young couple who stayed in the luxury automobile that had an appocolyptical button to ensure safety from bio-warfare…burned-up…in the television show.


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  1. What a message, valuable lessons. I never hear of the show the Affair, but Im intrigued.

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🌞

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