Friar Tuck

I have been aware for some time that I needed to diet.  However, Jonathon and I were ushers this morning at our church and a wonderful lady of the church commented that I reminded her of Friar Tuck.  Now, the Friar was a portly fellow…and I could see the resemblance!

I wold prefer to be Robin Hood!

Being an usher gives the volunteer a birds eye view of the members of your congregation.  There are many members of our congregation that are of great age!  We have members that are in their 90’s,  or are close to being so.  When I see them walking in, haltingly, and with a big smile on their face..I understand what a dedication to the christian faith…means!  Often we are buffeted by the political or social or religious whims of the moment…when a christian that is well into their golden years…can illustrate what a lifelong walk with Christ looks like.  When I witness the elderly among us…present themselves at Sunday church service…no matter how difficult their mobility has become or how weary they may feel…I am inspired!

So often, we young people…of which I am 62, feel that we have other ‘fish to fry’…or something more important to accomplish than the weekly routine of attending church.  We know that we need to have our ‘down time’….or time for our hobbies…or time to prepare for the next work- week…when it reality the best preparation for the incoming challenges of the week is Sunday morning worship.

Modern media would have us believe that we can seek and discover pleasure in;  pharmaceuticals or the latest Hollywood movie…or a dedication to a political cause….or a hunger for knowledge.  While all of these are a part of the human experience they really do not answer the persuasive question of…why was I born and what is my purpose on earth?  Many of us strive to find that purpose of our existence in our work.  We believe that if we will just work hard enough and long enough…we will have reached our calling in life!  While, others of us know that the, ultimate, satisfaction and reward for a life well lived, is too to enjoy retirement and all of the pleasant vicissitudes that it affords to us.  Travel and boats and automobiles and campers and motorcycles and more….is the panacea and balm for our hard working years and our dedication to keeping our noses to the grindstone!


Yet, there are the hungry and the homeless and children in cages and rampant and heartless bigotry and misogyny and xenophobia and cruelty….to our fellow human family!  The earth is burning…and we are watching!

When someone tells me that I have helped them…in some small way….I have peace.  When I travel across the world…I enjoy it…but it is not the same as helping another member of the human family!


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