You Must Resist the, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers!’

In 1956 the Drama//Fantasy movie entitled, ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,’ was released.

‘In Santa Mira, California, Dr. Miles Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) is baffled when all his patients come to him with the same complaint: their loved ones seem to have been replaced by emotionless impostors.  Despite others’ dismissive denials, Dr. Bennell , his former girlfriend Becky (Dana Wynter) and his friend Jack (King Donovan) soon discovered that the patient’s suspicions are true: an alien species of human duplicates, grown from plant like pods, is taking over the small town.’    Google

I have witnessed several people, over the course of my 62 years, hat have succumbed to dramatic changes in their lives and subsequently become a different person.

When the path of life has a fork in the road, that is he result of a job loss or devastating reversal of fortune…it is easy to follow the fork in the road of least resistance and say to hell with it all!  Of course at the end of the fork in the road is the, ‘Slough of Despond.’  In the Slough we begin to sink, as if in quicksand, and many of us…never extricate ourselves from our deserved anger and depression and despair.  It becomes an identity for us.  It becomes a hat rack and a clothes closet that we dutifully, hang all of garments upon.

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I knew a wonderful person who lost her position of leadership.  She never recovered from the damage that the, unjustified, loss did to her charisma and can-do attitude.

Draconian reversals happen in all of our lives.  We may have every reason to believe that we are on top of the world and have so many friends, and that we are supremely happy in our closed environment.  Then, a life changing event happens to us and, suddenly, we are all alone…and those who care about us and endeavor to reach out to us…are an irritation.

We become, Great Garbo and “we want to be left alone!’

Perhaps you have separated from your spouse.  You think, now is my chance to be me!  But, soon you find that the bedrock of your happiness was inextricably entwined with your spouse and children.  Your ‘Me’ identity was reflected in the eyes of your loved ones.

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I have know people that their poor heath has become their new identity.  They talk of their maladies incessantly and when they are not talking about their illnesses…they are thinking about them.

My mother and father separated and soon after divorced when I was 5 years old.  I began to feel that she and I were just going to have it tough for the rest of our lives.  I took a dim view of humanity and they’re, apparent, better lives than mom and I had.  I spoke negatively of those that I met and felt that the world was not my friend.  One day I decided that I did not enjoy living with such a profound negative mindset.  It dawned on me that I could change that…if I wanted to!  So, I did.

I recall being diagnosed with a heart murmur, as a very young child, and later being told that I had rheumatic heart disease.  I decided, when I left home at the tender age of 17…that I was going to do any and all physical activity that came my way.  I am now 62 and I still have that philosophy.

It is true that life events can bring us a ‘new normal.’  But, there is a difference in adjusting to the inevitability of life changes…and allowing your personality and outlook and sunny disposition being altered by reversals that were beyond your control.

As a wise person once said, ‘Don’t let the bastards…get you down!’



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  1. My father used to say, knowing it was wildly inaccurate, “Nil illegitimus carborandum”. Used to make me smile, anyway. Slough, by the way, is a town in Berkshire; the poet, John Betjeman, had a few things to say about it.

    1. I like it! 😉. I must visit Slough during my next trip to the United Kingdom.

      1. I wouldn’t put it top of your list 🙂

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