Christmas Peace

Christmas beginnings.

The Jazz Man

It was a gray and cold day on Christmas 1981.  There had been snow flurries all day, and now it was sleeting.  Joe had been amazed at the, new computer technology, such as Atari and Word Processors.  Jane asked him what he would like to have for his Christmas gift?  Joe responded, heartily, a Texas Instrument computer that you could hook up to a small television that would serve as a monitor.

Their newborn son, David, was fast asleep in his crib…and Joe had done all that he knew to do, to  plug up the holes and cracks in their little house.  The 20 mile per hour wind had a below 0 Fahrenheit chill factor!

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree Photo by on

Joe and Jane and little David, had enjoyed a delicious holiday meal at Bert and Mae’s house, in DuQuoin, Illinois.  There was Jane’s brother and sister and their spouses.  There…

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