It is the Little Things…Kid

I just discovered how to make the format on my blog, larger.  It was so small, I could not see it!  I had searched for several days for a format button, and found none.  I wrote a blog, recently, that had so many spelling errors in it…I determined that I required and, desperately, needed a larger font.

black vintage typewriter

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I remember, when we began attending First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale, Illinois, over 21 years ago…that we provided, large print bulletins, for those who wanted or needed them.  I thought that the print was so large…and now it is just right.

We took the Christmas Tree down this morning.  It was a beautiful tree!  Five nativities returned to their 11 month a year homes, and the Christmas Closet…is full.  The Brooks home is ready to welcome 2020.

We were going to enjoy our New Years Eve dinner at a fine local restaurant, Keepers Quarters, but were saddened to learn that it has chose not to be open on New Years Eve due to having only 10 reservations.  We were one of the 10.  So, we were relieved to discover the Kokopelli will be open.  We are attempting to create a new tradition of going out on New Years Eve…rather than our decades long tradition of my watching the Waterford Crystal Ball drop, in Manhattan, and my going in to wake MJ and wish her a Happy New Year…by waking her with a kiss!

Each Christmas Season, I search for the moments that were memorable and that struck me with their emotional weight, and their feelings of peace and comfort and happiness.

I throughly enjoyed distributing the Christmas gifts from our church board, called the Session in the First Presbyterian Church, and the genuine expressions of gratitude and excitement and awe that the recipients demonstrated.  Thus far, as an elder for personnel, I have experienced a great joy from the staff of our church.

As we made our annual sojourn to St. Charles, Missouri, the day after Christmas…I was excited to discover that the local tobacco shop had, boxed, a pipe smoking kit that held all of the accouterments to facilitate, joyful pipe smoking.  There was a corn cob pipe, just as Frosty the Snowman used, and an ounce of Christmas Pipe tobacco, and pipe cleaners and a, tamper, and most importantly…directions on how to smoke a pipe.

man with pipe

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Aaron got me a wonderful pipe made in Italy.  When I tried it…I was amazed at the wonderful and delightful pleasure of the Italian craftsmanship.

Christmas Day was as warm as spring.  Many of the Christmas revelers played, Throw the Bag Into the Hole, outside in the brilliant weather.  Tara and Mike got MJ and I the largest bottle of wine that I have ever seen!  It contains 3 liters.  It took both of us to retrieve it from it’s box.

I am the proud owner of a new Polaroid One Shot camera.  It reminds me of my, fabled, Big Swinger Polaroid camera, from my childhood.  The fascination of watching a photo develop before my eyes…has always brought me…great joy!

polaroid camera

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I think of so many of my friends who are worried about up-coming health tests to be accomplish and the subsequent health diagnosis. We have experienced both the fear and trepidation of illness and the life affirming good prognosis.  It really boils down to the fact that the greatest Christmas gift that any of us have…is the gift of life.  More often that we should…we spend our lives concerned about ephemera and fluff and issues that have no lasting relevance on our happiness or health.

Shall we enter into our new decade…realizing that each day is a miracle in microcosm and that each one has more monetary value than all of the riches of the world.

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