A New Decade

So, what kind of year have you had in 2019?  Many of my friends have had difficult years.  There has been a lot of illness…or else I notice illness more since I have gotten older?  I have friends that have been, not only disappointed but disillusioned by reversals in their careers.  I have friends…who have lost loved ones…and they felt, so very alone…during this holiday season.


The political climate in the United States is more divisive and destructive than I have witnessed during my 62 years on this earth.  Beloved family and friends have parted ways because of political disagreements.  Secular political parties have been equivocated with; God’s chosen…or abject sinners.

Denominational churches are loosing members…across the board. We are in the midst of a change in how we understand church and God’s plan going forward.

IMG_2277 2

We humans are extremely susceptible to cultish devotion.  Just as the Israelites demanded of Aaron that he fashion for them a god that they could worship, in the wilderness, when Moses was on Mount Horib receiving the Ten Commandments…for 40 days.  We seek a man or woman to lead us and to show us the way.  This type of faith has a basic flaw in that it takes the relationship of the individual to God…away…and replaces it with a fallible human being.

At the conclusion of a terrible storm…is a rainbow.

IMG_2040 2

I watched a movie, last evening, called, Anesthesia.  The movie illustrated the futility of focusing on the, standard model, of success.  The model would be to receive a good education and get a well paying job and obtain all of the physical accoutrements that accompany a upper middle class life style…only to discover the hollowness of the fulfillment of the ladder of success.  I notice, when MJ and I are enjoying a meal in a restaurant, that many families are, all, peering at their smart phones, until the food is delivered…where they then eat.

IMG_4542 3

Loneliness is a predominate condition of the human family.  We seek our social interaction though media, and we ignore or are afraid of human, one on one, contact.  The happiest people that I have met, are those people who have relied on their friends and family, and their ever expanding social circle, to ground them in the ultimate meaning of life.


The opportunities ahead of us are endless.  If you want to write a book, write it.  If you want to loose weight, loose it.  If you want to be more fulfilled…talk to others…help others….read and reflect.  Each day is a miracle in microcosm….our greats gift we, often, fritter away as if it is meaningless…TIME!

We have been handed a precious treasure…something that is far greater than; money, or fame, or position, or power….LIFE!

As Clarance, the angel, in the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, told George Bailey, ‘You really had a wonderful life, George.’


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  1. The main thing is that Clarence told George he had a wonderful life and he finally woke up to realize it was not too late. I have had much heartbreak especially losing my soul mate in August 2017 but my faith and the knowing that someday we will meet again keep me going. My writing and my poetry keep me from falling into despair and I hope that the new year and decade will bring with it much success and happiness. Blessings to you and a Happy New Year to you!

    1. A Happy New Year to you, my friend. 🕊

    1. Happy New Year 🎆🎊 my friend!

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