Good News!

Do you enjoy good news?  I do, and I like it in all varieties.  For instance, I read just now that a new movie company is going to come to our University Mall in Carbondale.

‘VIP Cinemas will open its doors inside the University Mall this Spring.   The theatre will take over the same place as the AMC  Theatre which shut down in 2018.

people walking in chicago building during nighttime

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Perhaps I have not mentioned it, but I am a movie aficionado.  One of my goals, when I retired, was to see as many movies as I desired!  The news is that VIP will be open from 10  A:M: – 10 P:M: and will screen first run movies and that the admission price, before noon, will be $5.49 with a free small popcorn.

food snack popcorn movie theater

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I have released the movies ever since I watched Lady and the Tramp in Chicago when I was 4 years old.  During my grade school years I visited our theatre, the Orpheum in Eldorado, Illinois, each Sunday and watched the same movie…three or four times…for the one time admission cost of 35 cents.  The darkened auditorium was a bit like church for me…until I began attending a church.  I find movies totally relaxing and refreshing and intellect stimulating.

I was around when our mall was first built in the 1970s.  At that time it had four theatre, and that seemed so forward thinking and modern…as I had been used to one theatre at the Orpheum.  A few years later, the four theaters, contained in one area, shut down and it was several years before a marvelous, stadium seating, complex was added to the University Mall during its remodeling.  Now, a new company is taking over the, perfectly fine space, and movie attending options have returned to our town.   Good news comes in many forms.  It is said of the former comedian, Jack Benny, that he relished and took great joy in the simple things of life.  A colleague said of Benny that he met him for lunch and that Jack was ecstatic regrading a piece of white fish that he had enjoyed at the restaurant that they were at.

Have you ever noticed the spontaneous joy of dogs?  If you have been away for an hour of less…your dog will greet you as if you have been gone for a month!  I have a hand clapping routine that, when I perform it, Brody and Parker begin to dance and sing.  They are not looking for a new automobile or a finer home or recognition of their profound accomplishments…they are excited about the simple joy of living!

I read that Vodka is good for your blood flow and cholesterol and weight loss.  A smile crossed my face…and I said as our quiet friends uttered, in the early 1990s when Michael Jordan performed one of his countless athletic feats…in a whisper voice…’yes.’

Each day is a unique gift.  I was rooting for the 49er’s in the Super Bowl, but when I understood that the Kansas City Chiefs had not won for 50 years…I was happy for them.

A good friend of mine asked me to read something that she had prepared for a course that she is taking…and I considered what an honor that it was for her to value my opinion.

Aaron and Jonathon and MJ and I watched the Super Bowl last evening and had fun and laughs and Quatros Pizza and Brownies…and it was family and fun and happiness.

There is a popular saying that admonishes us, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it is all small stuff!’

Let it be said that all of life is composed of small stuff…and it is the narrative of our stories…and it is us.

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