A Good Supervisor

Something that we all desire!

The Jazz Man

Having spent 31 of my 32 years and 2 moths and 3 weeks of my career at Southern Illinois University as a supervisor of others…I have a few reflections on what I think comprises a good supervisor.  A valuable learning tool for me in my quest to be a good leader, was having worked for leaders who were not so good.


I remember beginning a new job, during my teenage years, where I was neither trained, or had the parameters of the job duties or expectations explained to me.  I simply had to judge what needed to be accomplished and, ‘wing it,’ as the the methodology in completing the tasks.  This, hands off, style of supervisor, left me often failing to perform what was expected of me…until I was reprimanded for not performing up to par.


Another employment position that I occupied, for nearly a year included being cursed at…on…

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