The Spark

Sooner or later, each of us needs a boost…to get up and do what a man or woman has got to do.  MJ and I were talking with our friends, Joan and Jim, Saturday night over dinner at the Flame Restaurant.  At some point during the animated discussion, the subject came up of someone getting a vitamin B-12 shot.  When MJ asked what the B-12 shot was good for, our friends did not know…other than the person receiving the shot…felt better for it.  This caused me to remember that my mother and her sisters often spoke of people who were feeling low, or let down, or tired and in the mulligrubs, resorting to going  to their doctor and asking for a vitamin B-12 shot.  They usually returned from the experience…bright eyed and bushy tailed!

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Years later, when I had struck out on my own, I became quite ill with the flu and became somewhat depleted, and rather had the appearance of ghost.  My friends advised me to go and see Dr. Fulk and told me that he would fix me up with a ‘shot that would restore me to my former vigor!’  When I met the good doctor her greeted me by refereeing to me as, ‘Little Fellow.’ He inquired what he could do for me.  I explained that I had been suffering with a bad case of the flu and wondered if I needed a B-12 shot.  He immediately administered the injection and asked if there was anything else that I needed.  My arm were the needle pierced the skin, hurt a little…and I was still tired.


Usually, the spark needed to ignite our internal engine of inspiration…does not come from pharmaceuticals or a dose of vitamins.  I marvel at the marketing success of alcohol ads on television.  In the commercials we see happy people enjoying adult beverages…while laughing and looking as if they just stepped out of a modeling catolouge.  Or a son is inspired to assist an elderly woman with her yard work and then enjoy a drink with his mom.  Or what about the advertisements for all inclusive vacations in Jamaica or other islands in the Caribbean?  One of the spots proudly announced that you can, ‘drink to your hearts content!’  The reality photos…are somewhat different from the air-brushed!


We do need and require inspiration.  We each have unique triggers to the activation of our adrenaline, and the positive firing of our synapse’s!  I am often inspired by the simplest of occurrences.  I have noticed, for sometime that I sing our hymns, out of our hymnal, on Sunday morning, very low.  I have discovered, recently, that my pew-mates…are doing the same.  If I get lost in the text…it is difficult to pick up the place by listening to my fellow congregants.  Yesterday, a sweet and lovely child sang beautifully and clearly and for all to hear. I was inspired!


Jonathon, along with several deacons and elders, was installed as an elder yesterday.  I am so very proud of both Aaron and Jonathon and the fine men that they have become.  Their mother did a wonderful job!

During my over 50 years of being a christian…I have been a member of churches that almost totally focused on preparing the congregation, for the world to come…and First Presbyterian church…which works to make a difference in the world that we live in.

How will a sad and lonely world receive a ‘spark’ or an understanding or a revelation…regarding the love of Christ…will it be through doctrine and rules and ritualistic process, that demonstrates Pharisaical adherence to the jot and tittle of the scriptures…or will it be through a kind smile and some quarters that enables one of God’s children…to wash and dry their laundry?

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