The value of dedicated people!

The Jazz Man

Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth…you will work for the best years of your life.  When I say the best years I am referring to your, young and middle age years…or your years of optimum health.  The alarm clock rings…and you arise for another day of toil and labor, and your mission to place food on the table, and shoes on the babies feet, and a roof over your head, and petrol for the automobile.  Hopefully within the framework of your supreme efforts there is a little funds left over for a periodic vacation and some weekend enjoyment.  Have you ever worked, sick?  What about working when there are domestic issues that captivate your emotions and cloud your mind?  What about working after you have cared for your aged parents…or perhaps your parents of parent…live in your home and instead of having young children to…

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  1. That’s exactly happening in our world today… people are working themselves sick. Many people are so addicted to overworking that as soon as they retire, their heart stops and they die.🥺

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