The Governor and Me

My meeting Governor Rod Blagojevich.

The Jazz Man

Having been raised in Southern Illinois, I have not had the opportunity to meet with an abundance of famous people.  My colleague, Garrett, and I were enjoying diner at Jumers Hotel in central Illinois, one evening, in preparation for a work conference that we had driven to, that began the next morning.  I observed a dignified and older gentleman pass our, ornate and virtually enclosed booth and I noticed that he had a, grand head of white hair…and the voice of the well known actors, Hal Holbrook.  I asked Gary if he could look through the, small window that was in the back of his side of the booth, in order to ascertain if our neighbor was, indeed, Mr. Holbrook.  He peered through the window and said that it looked like him…but that he could not be sure…  On our way out of the restaurant the hostess told us that…

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