What Matters

Our modern world provides us with countless diversions.  There is television and movies, as well as iPhones and tablets to occupy our mind and engage our emotions.  It is easier than ever to either shut the world out or to create your own reality.  Of late, there seems to be a heightened belief or sensitivity to things being not what they appear to be.  A hidden hand or a ‘Deep State’ causing the rationale to become irrational, and the factual to become fake news.

My favorite science fiction character, Mr. Spock, insisted that logic was the primary measurement of truth.  Certainly the need for straight talk that is based on recognized facts is needed today.  Common sense is not as common as it should be.


During my carer at the University I noticed that all success is incremental.  I observed leaders who worked through the heat of the day, year in and year out, and who achieved great forward movement of the school.  Also, I saw heralded, messiahs, who were guaranteed to bring fame and fortune and students and….Great retention, thereof, who subsequently staid a year or two and then moved on to greener pastures.

A leader who promises you the moon and the stars…should be examined as to how many times they have succeeded in similar revolutionary endeavors.  Oratory is the oil of politics.  We must check to ensure that the oil has been applied to constructive endeavors…or is it just keeping the vocal cords, lubricated?

IMG_2651 2

We are all a little fearful.  We are all a little on edge.  Most of us have read about pandemics…not many of us have lived during one that is the scope of the Coronavirus.  Perhaps we can look into each others eyes and see a glimpse of our brother and sisters…soul.  Presidents will come and go.  Media will continue, when we are no longer watching.  But the miracle of life…is more precious than the ‘gold of Ophir.’IMG_2556

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