Good Things Are Coming

In a world that increasingly seems like the dystopian reality of George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, the Sun still rises in the East and sets in the West.  The shakiness of unrealized expectations and the incremental nature of progress, can leave you disillusioned, without a clear-eyed vision of what verdant valley you will find at the foot of the mountain that you are descending.


Life is composed of chapters.  A chapter change can be disorientating.  It is easy to believe that doing the same things will achieve the same results throughout life…when often it is time for a new methodology and empirical study.  A great lesson, for me, was to realize that others are not  primarily responsible for my happiness and well being.  Happiness comes from within.  It does not emanate from a geographical location, or an abundance of finance, or a beautiful residence.  Peace of mind comes from a peaceful heart.


I have heard it said that, ‘worry is like a rocking chair…you rock and rock and get nowhere.’  But, spring is upon us!  I am sitting on my porch and writing a blog in 2020 and have, finally begun to lose weight.  Now, I am a person who can speak with some experience as regarding the vacillating vicissitudes of weight loss.  Around 2003 I lost almost 100 pounds.  I felt like a new version of Jay.  A happier version and a lighter model.  Having lost, as of this morning, 18 pounds, I already feel better.

IMG_2651 2

Positive change….Requires…change.  To continue to do things as you have always done them, and expect different results than you have previously achieved…is folly.  Often the change that you need to make is minor, with a major result.  Perhaps you are engaged in behavior that, really, does not give you joy or peace of mind…but is an, ongoing,  habit that you developed because it brought you pleasure on a few occasions.  I wonder if this is not how people become addicted to smoking?  They smoke a few, pleasurable, times…and then seek to replicate the heightened endorphin experience on a regular basis.


The Campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is preparing for its spring splendor.  If there is a more lovely physical location in the state of Illinois…I am not aware of it.  Each time that I see our wonderful students I know that good things are coming, and that there is a reason for a bright outlook and hope for our future.

IMG_2230 2

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