This Is Real!

‘Jason Hargrove was behind the wheel of a bus in Detroit when he said a passenger began to cough.  The middle-aged woman let loose four to five times without covering her mouth, he said; and watching her do this — at the same time Michigan was under a state of emergency for the Coronavirus – got him upset, he felt compelled to vent his frustration in a video afterward.’

‘I’m mad right now because that s*** was uncalled for.’  

‘Now, nearly two weeks after he recorded the video, which viewers shared widely on Facebook Live, Hargrove himself has died of COVID-19.’    NPR

We are all in uncharted waters…with 20 foot waves …and a starless night sky.  The shore that we seek to arrive at has cliffs that are steep and rocks that can gash the hull of our vessel open.   We have a lighthouse…and it is our medical professionals.  We have heroes…they are our nurses and doctors and all hospital staff that bravely continues to care for their fellow human beings…who are desperately in need…while they endanger their own lives.  

In the year of our pandemic, which will fill history books and be taught of in schools across the world, it will be noted that many of us did not believe the science…as we thought that it was being promulgated by the Deep State.  The profound peculiarity of the plague that we are in the midst of…as being a Partisan Pandemic…will astound future generations.  The sadness that the richest country in the world…did not have enough Personal Protection Equipment for our front line medical soldiers in this horrible war…will mystify the students of 2040…and 2060…and 2080…  Then they will ask…why did not the United States manufacture more PPE…and the history books will note that we called on China to come to our rescue.  They will beseech their elders and their teachers and their professors…why did the governors have to out-bid their fellow governors…and the highest bidder received the life saving equipment…while those with less resources…died?

Our future progeny, the inheritors of the Earth, will ask why didn’t the youth of 2020 believe that the social distancing admonishments of medical leaders…did not apply to them?

Then the young ones will ask why other countries, across the globe, declared nation-wide stay at home orders…while the land of the free and the home of the brave…decided to leave that decision to the governors…and they sought direction from the president…and the president…deferred to the governors.  

Mr. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and his key advisor, told the country that the Strategic Supply of PPE’s…was “theirs” and did not belong to the states.  The students will ask…’what did he mean?’


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