Zoom Coffee for Two

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In our time of social distancing I met up with a dear friend this morning by means of a Zoom meeting. My friend Sheila asked me recently if I would be interested in meeting her for a Zoom coffee. Of course I said yes. She set up the meeting for 9:00 AM.

I had to hurry to make it to our meeting on time! I wanted to have a shower and look my best. A shave was in order. I had not shaved for around three days. Unfortunately, I did not shave again this morning. I sacrificed my shave in order for the greater good of being timely. I wore a nice button-up shirt and cologne. During our virtual coffee rendezvous I made the joke that the cologne did not really matter and was probably unnecessary to the enjoyment and success of our meeting. Sheila laughed.

My friend and Iā€¦

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