There Is No Courage…Without Fear

There is No Courage…Without Fear.

The Jazz Man

‘John Prine, Who Chronicled the Human Condition in Song, Dies at 73,’ said the New York Times article headline.

‘The unassuming Prine never had a hit single or a blockbuster album.  But he built a devoted following, won several Grammys and overcame two bouts of cancer to record and tour into his 70s.’

‘Other musicians revered him and covered him and covered many of his songs, which wrung wry, universal truths from everyday life.  Johnny Cash, in his memoir, named Prine as one of his key songwriting inspirations.  Bob Dylan, in a 2009 interview, said ‘Prine’s stuff is pure Proustian existentialism…and he writes beautiful songs.  Rolling Stone once called him, ‘the Mark Twain of American songwriting.’   CNN


We look for a clean and concise answer.  We seek a rationale and logical construct to place this hideous disease into.  Some say for us to follow the science.  Other tell us…

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