Looking Forward to 36

A great, Birthday 🎂 Blog, from Jonathon Brooks!


I believe in celebrating life daily. Pessimism need not pester me. Melancholy can go to hell. I press on against depression. Life is beautiful. There are many detours in our lives that can cause us to lose sight of its beauty. I hope and I pray if we take these detours we soon get back on the right path.

Friendships greatly enrich my life. I’ve aimed to be as pleasant and as kind as I can possibly be for many years now. All of my adult life I’ve persevered to be the change I desire to see in our troubled world. To be a good man has been the number one goal in my life’s story. Goodness has won me many great friends. For this I rejoice and am remarkably thankful.

We all get one day out of each year that is all about us. What do we do with…

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