‘Its A Wonderful Life’

‘Its A Wonderful Life’

The Jazz Man

As we travel through this mystery called life, we are discovering that we all are important, and we are needed, and we are vital to the health and safety and welfare of, countless fellow members of our human family.  When I walk through a market and see the precious staff working faithfully, for my benefit, I think…what would I do if they decided that the risk is just to great…and stayed home?  Two Walmart workers near Chicago have died of the Coronavirus.  My family’s welfare is dependent on these courageous souls…and without them…we can not survive!


I know nurses…I have nurses in my family…they are heroes.  Hospitals and emergency rooms are battlefields, with an invisible enemy.  The troops in these dangerous settings, are fighting without the necessary PPE.  How many of us would endanger our safety by entering a room that is full of Coronavirus…without the necessary coverings…or for that…

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  1. So true! These people surely deserve our respect! 🌸

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