Laughing Past Midnight

A great, Jonathon Brooks Blog!


Pull up a couple of rocking chairs, bring us each a stout, and let’s tell stories. Make it fact or make it fiction. Just make certain it makes for an interesting tale. Keep me laughing until way past the midnight hour. Or keep me interested until the sun shows up. Stories make us more fully alive.

The story of my life has had a lot of intriguing plot twists. I am certain you could tell a similar story regarding your life’s experiences. My current five year plan is to laugh at the mere idea of ever having a five year plan. I toast my stout to you and to our future plot twists!

I’ve decided to begin writing more flash fiction stories. Many of them will probably be between 500 and 750 words. These flash fiction stories will be written in one sitting and tossed out through this blog page…

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