The Big 36!

Tomorrow is Jonathon’s 36th Birthday.  This must mean that I am at least 45…  This year Jonathon and Easter…share the same day.  JC…and JB!  We had planned a birthday dinner in Cape Girardeau today and Easter dinner, tomorrow, at Kokopelli’s in Marion.  We Brooks have been planning our food celebrations…for a long time.  Have you considered that food is integral to our recognition and memorialization of events that are important or milestones in our lives?  Seldom are there happy events that are not magnified by good food.  Even when we are sad…we look for solace in a good hamburger…  We were at my favorite restaurant, Cunetto’s  on the Hill in St. Louis, several years ago…when a large group sat down next to our table.  There were 20 place settings and the diligent waitress was busily serving water and taking drink orders…when a man with an authoritarian manner, think Tony Soprano, brusquely inquired, ‘Are you going to take the food order?’  

Seriously though…as you often hear…Jonathon and his friend Jesus…are truly joined at the hip!  Jonathon cares about his friends, and always has time for them….and he has a lot of friends!  He is like all of us humans…he has had disappointments and has endured difficult times.  Yet, he chooses to meet the world, each day, with a smile and an sunny attitude…and he is a joy to be around…and people seek his company.  


Aaron and Jonathon are the light of MJ’s and my life!  When we think about what fine and responsible men that they have grown into…I know it is all because of their mother…and she agrees…

When it comes to birthdays…we will not be defeated.  Tonight we enjoyed fine Mexican cuisine from Del Sol…delivered curbside…and for our Easter feast we will have Hunan…and mine will be my favorite…Crispy Duck.

IMG_9477 3

Jonathon and Aaron are men that appreciate a fine craft beer.  I traveled to the drive-thru at Westroads Liquor Store, in Carbondale.  I thought that I had found a secret path from the business that was next door, until I felt the, profound, bump of the curb…that I had just jumped.  I, quickly looked to my right and my left to ensure that someone had not witnessed my frivolity…and considered that I had already visited the, Spirits Store.   They did not have any of Jonathon’s suggestions…so I asked for their, expert opinion…and 3 packs later…we are all happy!

IMG_2539 2

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