Criticism Can Call in Sick Today!

A great read from Jonathon Brooks!


There are no wrong answers when one is writing a short story or novel. Now, yes, of course, there are stories that are loved and considered excellent works of art while others are never published. There are stories that are considered good and those that are thought of as bad or poorly written. What I love about fiction, though, is that it is most assuredly not mathematics or algebra. Algebra and math leave no room for wrong answers or mistakes. Twelve times twelve equals one hundred and forty-four and it will never, not even one billion years from this moment, equal one hundred and forty-five. I enjoy the freedom of writing fiction and non-fiction. There’s room in writing for the good and the bad and the okay and the mediocre. This makes me happy.

The blank white page, however, has intimidation skills. What if what I choose to write isn’t…

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