A Trip To The Museum

This past Friday we visited the St. Louis Art Museum.  We attended he exhibit, Millet and Modern Art: From Van Gough to Dali through Labor Day.  

IMG_5738IMG_8558I have been a fan of Van Gogh for many years.  When we were in Paris in 2012 we visited the Musee d’Orsay and there was an entire large room, packed with people, that had nothing but Van Gogh paintings.  

IMG_4967IMG_8011Ron and Ira Kaye were accompanying MJ and I…and their presence made the day 10 times more enjoyable!  I was impressed with the thought and planning that the Art Museum had put into social distancing and face masks.  We arrived about 20 minutes early and the staff had large umbrellas for our group to shield us from the sun’s rays.  We were in the first group of the day which was for seniors…but they looked young to me!  

IMG_7613IMG_8631After our tour we shopped in the Museum’s Gift Store.  Once again they were serious regarding social distancing.  MJ purchased a Frida Kahlo face mask.  I saw a Starry Night face mask…but suspected that it would not fit my face.  When we arrived home I tried MJ’s on and discovered that it fit me perfectly and was extremely comfortable.  I ordered 2 and MJ order 1 of the Starry Night masks.  

IMG_9027 IMG_6725We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and Bella Milano at O’Fallon.  The food is superb and the service is first rate!  


The exhibit concluded with three works by Salvador Dali.  

IMG_5296IMG_1122IMG_8613IMG_0522IMG_9019IMG_2472Art brings me a lot of comfort in our troubled times.  When I reflect on the struggles of those who came before me…I am humbled…

IMG_5970IMG_9305IMG_8500IMG_2343Then, of course, we must have one more…Starry Night…IMG_8586IMG_5744


8 responses

  1. Salvador Dali and Van Gogh are favorites here. Thank you for the excellent art showing!

    1. They are mine as well! It is my pleasure, my friend!

  2. Lovely Van Gogh’s paintings always sucks you in.

    1. They certainly do! 🎨

  3. I often turn to Monet for solace. ❤

    1. Art is good medicine!

  4. I used to prefer art that was made before photography was created. Expressionists and the like did not appeal to me. I have come around, but not all the way. I will admit to not attending this exhibit yet, despite taking my granddaughter yesterday. I wrote about it on my blog.

    There is still some time though, I had not realized it wasn’t all Van Gough. I should go I think.

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