Mary Jane and I dropped off our contributions to various organizations that help those in need, at our church, First Presbyterian, this morning. There was Jane collecting the donations…and I say to MJ every time we interact with Jane…’What a pleasant person!’ Around the corner walked Ro…who was busily preparing for the first congregational gather of our church in 7 months. Ro is a gem…and a tireless worker…and someone who I feel better for just being around and speaking to! I could see through the open church doors, Wendi, working on the needs of our weekly worship service and…all the more so since this will be an outdoor event! I have been impressed for over 21 years at the work ethic of my fellow Presbyterians! Wendi and her colleague, Sharon, are simply loving and caring people who cause our worship experience to be so meaningful and significant!

Happiness is not commensurate on happenings! I wonder if I have fully realized that the joys and blessings that I have been the recipient of have been facilitated by others? My mother often told me that money does not grow on trees! Certainly, the hard work of helping others is the reason that we enjoy so many enrichments and benefits.

We turned the furnace on the night before last. Sunday is suppose to reach 34 degrees farenheit and that is just 2 degrees above freezing! I love the changing of the seasons! Nature’s time clock fascinates me! But…I have a warm house to live in. Not as some of the houses that I have lived in though out my almost 63 years…where you could feel the cold wind of winter as it wafted around the front door and the threshold and the old single paned wooden windows… I vividly remember using Duck Tape to tape around our front door in Elkville, Illinois to stop the constant arctic air from entering our 4 room abode! I remember what it felt like and the painful reality of having enjoyed a sumptuous Christmas dinner at my mothers-in-laws and returning to my cold and happy home…with little in the cupboards and reading a book that I had received for that Christmas, ‘Hunger in America.’ My Christmas gift that year was a Texas Instrument computer that I connected to a 12 inch television monitor. I was working hard every day and MJ was homeschooling our 2 boys in order that I might spend some time with them…due to my evening and night workshifts…

Life in the United States is not the same for everyone! It not only is not equal…it is not the myth of ‘Pull yourself up by your boot straps!’ In order to pull yourself up by your boot straps…you first must own a pair of boots! There not only are homeless and hungry in America..there are many working families that are food insecure and afraid…and in danger of losing their next paycheck!

Not everyone owns stocks. It is a political myth that all Americans have a 401K… You are passing Americans sitting on the sidewalks next to your favorite restaurant or hotel or theatre or business or department store…that were a member of them middle class…before the 2020 pandemic…

I reflect often on my many years of friendship with my buddy, Steve. Steve and I were both born on October 24th. We were brothers from the beginning of our association. Neither of us had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of… On one sunny morning Steve and I were traveling through DuQuoin, Illinois and Steve asks me if I would enjoy a breakfast of biscuits and gravy at the Maid Rite Cafe? I responded that I would indeed enjoy some biscuits and gravy. As we sat at the restarant table…the waitress inquired if we would enjoy some coffee? We both responded in the affirmative! As for me…I was always tired… When our waitress left our table…I asked Steve if he was, ‘Springing for the breakfast?’ He responded that he did not have a two nickels to rub together. I respondd that, ‘Neither did I!’ We left hastily and with our coffee still hot!

It is a political and religious myth that only the ambitious and motivated citizen of he United States is financially successful in the America. Each of us need a helping hand. Each of us need a leg up. Each of us need a mentor! Each of us need a friend………………

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    1. Thank you, my friend! 😀

  1. I admire your kindness and the persistence in ensuring it gets done. Blessings on you BJ as you help others, through others too.

    1. Bless you, my friend! 🌞

  2. Beautiful post with pics!. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you, my friend!

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