Gomez The Shy Ghost

Porter and Chet were excited about the possibilities that awaited them! Outside of their Halloween costumes…they had spoke of little else for the majority of the month of October. Chet had sent off for a full body suite representing the robot on Lost In Space. He had told his mom and dad that the cost of the suit could also be his birthday present…as he and Porter were both born on October the 24th! The entire Lost In Space robot suit, which included a full head mask made out of ‘space age polymer’…which in reality was just hard Hasboro plastic, was $49.95…before tax! The suit included robot arms that you pulled on over your arms. There were battery powered lights in the head that flashed red, yellow and green. This suit along with Chet’s amazing portrayal of the robot…was something to behold! Chet would begin to gesture his robot arms akimbo and utter the famous robot phrase, ‘That does not compute,’…and the crowd would go wild with delight! While Chet was the robot from Lost In Space…Porter was going to experience Halloween as the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Porter’s cousin Billy had a, movie quality, full head mask and Creature Hands that he let Porter borrow. There really was nothing to compare with the effect of the awesome costume! Chet and Porter’s friend, Buddy, wanted to accompany them on their Halloween revelry’s. Buddy’s mom had made him a ghost costume. She had named the ghost…Gomez. Porter noted for the record that he had never heard of Gomez the Ghost? Buddy responded that Gomez was a cousin to Casper the Friendly Ghost…but that Gomez was a bit shy… Parker spoke up, as she was the female accomplice in the adventure…and had been so since the Haunted House escapade at the first of the month, ‘I think that Buddy should join us as a ghost will round out our group nicely.’ Parker was going as Snow White.

So, the evening of Halloween finally arrived! There was the Lost In Space robot…stopping to conduct extemporaneous performances for each group of kids that walked by. The Creature from the Black Lagoon was making repeated menacing sounds and hand gestures…and attempting to see through the eye slits in the thick rubber mask…while his eye glasses repeatedly fogged up. Parker was walking beside Porter and Gomez…and Gomez had not uttered a word… Gomez was a full sheet that dragged the ground and Parker asked him how he could see…because there were no eyeholes? Parker or now…Snow White was followed by Seven First graders who were dressed as the 7 Dwarfs! Chet had taken notice that Gomez had not been going up to the front doors of the houses that the ensemble stopped at to plead, ‘Trick or Treat!’ He preferred to stand just outside of the front porch light…with he sheet flapping in the night breeze… After about the 5th stop Parker said that she heard someone calling their names…’PARKER….CHET…PORTER…WAIT UP!’ When they looked to see who was calling to them…there was Buddy running with his homemade ghost suit on…and trying to put his mask on! Chet asked Buddy…if you are just now joining us…who is the guy in the sheet… Parker went up to the sheeted ghost and pulled on the top of the garment and it fell to the ground!

Parker suddenly woke up when the wagon that they were riding on hit a chuckhole and the hay shifted that she and Porter were sitting on. She had not left Porter’s side since the terrible fright that they had experienced in the Haunted House…

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