Am I My Sister and My Brother’s Keeper?

My favorite month is racing by! I love October! It is fall and my birthday month! I have loved this month since I can remember months… It has been chilly in Little Egypt and rainy. I walked around campus lake this afternoon and observed some beautiful autumn colors on the numerous trees in campus woods. Our world is changing and we are in the midst of our 2020 pandemic. The changes that we are experiencing are all encompassing and many of us are having difficulty in keeping up with the change! When we began…8 months ago…we suspected that this plague would pass in a few difficult months. We were wrong!

Social Distancing is hard both emotionally and mentally. We Americans love our restaurants and bars…we love the wonderful people who serve us and for whom the Virus has been an economic nightmare! Our human make-up is to be with others…our happiness is contained in our fellowship with our friends and colleagues and family. Studies have shown that when watching a movie or a play or any social activity…we most enjoy watching other people! The old saying that, No man is an island,’ is inherent in our human nature.

So we love our fellow humans. We love to see them and interact with them and hug them and shake their hands and bask in the warm glow of their brilliant smiles and friendly and loving demeanor! Whether it is on the football field or in the hockey rink or Trick or Treating on Halloween. We are at the threshold of Thanksgiving and Christmas…and all of the celebrations that ensue and which enrich our spirits and give us strength to end the current year and begin the new year! Some of our holiday experiences may be likened to the popular Christmas movie, and my favorite Christmas show, Christmas Vacation We want to see uncle Leo! We miss cousin Eddie!

We are not fighting a person or a political party or living our lives by the stanzas of Frank Sinatra’s famous song, I Did It My Way! We are fighting a sickness that is easily transferred from human to human and that can take your life! It is not about what the Democrats or the Republicans say…it about the health and safety of our fellow humans…that we all love and want to be with…

Our senior citizens are cherished by their families and friends and fellow church congregants. Do we think that it is alright to take the virus to grandma’s house? A vaccine is coming…but not yet. The Stock Market doing well is not indicative of what is happening on Mainstreet or my street or your street! We will come out on the other side of Covid-19…but will it be with over 200 and 21 thousand dead…or 2 million? When you wear a mask and practice social distancing…you are my keeper….when I wear a mask and practice social distancing…I am your keeper…

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