Cheers to What Birthdays Shall Come

Another great Jonathon Brooks Blog!


I enjoy looking forward to life’s major and minor events. When I have made plans to meet a friend then I’ll look forward to that rendezvous. After ordering books I look forward to their arrival and getting to read them or perhaps save them for a later date. I always look forward to birthday or holiday celebrations. And that line brings me to this one: My father has a birthday to celebrate on Saturday!

We members of the Brooks family do birthdays right! There’ll be a fine dinner and Polaroid pictures and presents and laughter and joy and coconut cream cake. Saturday will be a joyful day! Although shouldn’t all our days have joy in them?

In a year like this one with the pandemic, I’m looking forward to a healthier world again with a vaccine. Even amidst a pandemic, however, we can still have joy. I know this isn’t…

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  1. Wishing you and your family a great celebration with your son!!! Wishing you a great birthday again and remember to pig out and enjoy it!

    1. Many thanks, my friend! 🥳

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