The Haunted House in 2020!

So there was our intrepid Halloween revelers in 2020! They were delivered from cousin Billy’s house in 1962. The last they could remember was the very real Frankenstein and Dracula taking their hands and telling them to shut their eyes. Chet noted that Hillcrest School looked much the same as in 1962 accept for some peeling paint. There were still the framed photos on the walls of the long hall. One of the photos had Porter’s cousin, Brenda, in it with her 8th grade graduation class. Porter had always been fond of Brenda as she babysat him in 1962. Parker mentioned that if they truly had traveled in time and it was 58 years later…why not try to find their adult selves…

Chet noted that they would all be either turning 63 or 63 already… as they were born in 1957…they were Baby Boomers…although they did not know the term. Dracula, or at least someone who certainly looked the part ushered them into the school auditorium. Once inside the large room they were told to sit in the front row and prepare to hear about what the future had brought them. Each in turn were shown videos of their senior adult selves and their children and even their grandchildren.

Parker had slipped out of the school auditorium to see what she could discover. She had rode a bicycle that was by the front door of the school up town to inspect the shape that it was in. She found most of the stores had closed as well as the Orpheum Movie Theatre. In the place of the Ben Franklin Dime Store and Carter and Chossier’s Drug Store, as well as many other stores…was Antique Stores and Stores for collectors of paraphernalia. Parker wondered what time had done to the little thriving town of Eldorado?

Chet told Porter that the television show that was played for them in the auditorium, he had seen in a dream. He said that he had experienced a nightmare that the United States had become more divided that the 1960’s and that it had all began with the assassination of President Kennedy. Porter retorted that President Kennedy was fine in 1962 and had just negotiated the country’s safety from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Chet agreed but went on to explain to Porter that everything changed in 1963! President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald and that is where the disintegration of American society began! Chet went on to say that the American people’s confidence in their government had melted away…until in 2020 a reality television show host had become President and was seeking reelection to a second term… Porter asked, ‘What is a Reality Show television host?’ Chet responded that he really did not want to know…because it was similar to the TV show, The Twilight Zone, and the condition of the nation had become basically divided between two camps of people who not only did not agree with each other…but were incapable of compromise or fruitful discussion. When Porter asked Chet how he was speaking in such an adult manner….Chet replied that he had been here before…

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Parker returned to Hillcrest School’s auditorium and rejoined her friends. She told them of the dramatic change in the downtown area. She went on to say that she had seen a political billboard of one of their classmates who had become a state senator…and he looked just like he did in 1962…accept older and more distinguished! Chet said that he wanted to visit Parrish Addition and see if the old home place was still standing. So…Frankenstein drove them to Chet’s childhood home of 1962. Not only was it still standing but there was his mother, Thelma, who was 90 years old. She cried when she saw Chet!. She embraced him and said that she had not laid eyes upon him in over 20 years! Then Thelma wiped her eyes and exclaimed that Chet was a child again! Chet attempted to explain to his mom that he and Parker and Porter had been Trick or Treating in 1962 and had met Frankenstein and Dracula who had transported them to 2020…and that he supposed that they were senior citizens…somewhere?

The two monsters spoke eloquently to the three child time travelers. Frankenstein explained in a voice not dissimilar to the great English Actor, Boris Karloff, that they bad been chosen to see a bit of the future in order to work toward the unity of human beings during their lives. Dracula went on to say, in the resonate baritone of the Actor Bela Lugosi, that they had chosen the 3 midwesterners as a test to determine if the voice of regular people could be heard above the deafening

din of those who had been captured and enraptured by the cry for blood and soil and tears… Porter asked if they were really…real? Frankenstein replied that we are as real as you need us to be…

Parker woke up in her first grade classroom. She had laid her head upon her desk and fallen asleep. Mrs. K had asked, ‘Who is ready for the best Halloween ever?’

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  1. Always love your pictures!

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