Old #63 Is Still Chugging!

The temperature was 80 degrees at noon and is now 54 degrees. Now that is a dramatic temperature drop! Tomorrow is the big day…I leave #62 and join the great #63’s! Why it seems like yesterday I was turning 40…and I thought how old that I had become! You may say that I really enjoy my birthday…and you would be correct. Remember that you only get one per year. I am always in a particular good humor during this time of year. I reflect on where I have been and I wonder what is in store for the future. Life has so many twists and turns and hills and valleys…you feel somewhat like a battle hardened soldier as time goes by.

MJ and I and our dear friends, Steve and Faye, enjoyed a birthday celebration for MJ at St. Louis, Missouri…when she turned 40. I can remember all of us enjoying some wine, which was somewhat new to us, and reflecting on the maturity of purpose and recognition of self…that the celebration brought us. MJ led us in our mutual agreement that we were not only going to guide our own lives…but take joy in doing so! The world was our oyster…and there was blue sky and a clear horizon ahead of us. We chose a good way to live! There has been much more joy than sorrow!

When I look at our sons, Aaron and Jonathon, my life is complete! They have been the focus of MJ and my attention for many years…and they never cease to amaze us with their kindness and growth as gentlemen!

The past 10 years have been a delight! Our wonderful friends and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Ron and Ira Kaye have been so gracious to us and invited us to visit them in Destin, Florida on numerous occasions! Each of these visits have been memorable! Our great friends, Jeff and Margo, have hosted us and traveled with us throughout Europe…on 4 occasions. My view of the world and understanding of its marvelous tapestry…has greatly increased! We have been to Maine, which we love, and we are going back next fall! We have experienced several visits with my brother Brock and my sister-in-law Marcy…and they have enriched our lives!

I vividly recall wondering how any girl would be interested in me. Since I am not blessed with good looks or a fine physique or a keen intellect…I thought that I would be doomed to a solitary life! MJ has been a blessing to me and she is the best mother that I have ever seen. She loves her boys and would do anything for them. She has been a true compass in our lives!

Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale continues to be a holiday in my retired life! I walk it’s golden pathways daily. So many of the good things that have happened in our lives can be traced back to SIUC. The wonderful people that I had the opportunity to meet and who helped me..have made an indelible imprint on my heart! The opportunity that I was afforded to help others…was a special blessing.. So, tomorrow we travel to Cunetto’s House of Pasta on the Hill in St. Louis. We have been going there to celebrate my birthday for many years. They are excellent in social distancing. We will toast the past…and then toast the future…….

4 responses

  1. Enjoy your birthday! 🙂 ~WB

    1. Thank you, my friend! 😃

  2. Happy birthday sir 🎂🎉🎁 stay safe and keep smiling 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend!

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