Someone Who Cares

My friend, Ira, suddenly passed away yesterday. MJ and Jonathon and I, were shocked and saddened. Have you ever met someone who you were always better for the experience…that was Ira. He and I attended a Civil Service Council meeting on the campus of SIUC…and we got in trouble for laughing… I laughed heartily when I visited with my friend. I was sitting in my regular cigar smoking spot in my Camry in a parking lot on Greek Row…when a little Grounds vehicle appeard to be driving straight towards me! When I looked up in amazement…there was Ira…with a broad grin on his face. We rolled down our windows and he told me how a blog that I had written regarding our recently deceased Boston Terrier, Wallace, had brought a tear to his eye. He spoke of his little dog that he loved so much!

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I sent an email to an old friend from church. There were years when I did not attend our church on a regular basis. I felt separated from the group and disconnected from the mission. This friend, Jim, no matter how long that I had been in abstentia…never failed to greet me and to make me feel welcome! After each experience…I considered that at least I still counted with Jim!

It is amazing what a simple gesture can accomplish in the life of another! Often I think that I do not want to intrude or to meddle… when a heartfelt greeting or a laugh with a friend…is the, ‘balm of Gilead,’ for a fellow traveller on our road of life!

10 responses

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you’ve got some wonderful memories of your friend. ~WB

  2. Thank you for sharing these memories. Gives a glimpse of a wonderful friend you have just lost. I am sincerely sorry! 🙏

  3. Sorry for your loss, but fnd memories will remain.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. Good friends are a treasure indeed. You have a treasure trove of memories with Ira. 🙏🙏🙏 God bless Ira and welcome him into HIS kingdom.

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