Mr. 39!

November 16 is a wonderful day at our house! Thirty-nine years ago today we were excited and overcome with anticipation! Our first born Aaron had made his entrance into the world! He entered with a lusty cry! The day began with an early morning trip to Carbondale Memorial Hospital. I was 24 years old. In those days I thought that I was 50! We had purchased a little white whicker Bassinet and a wind up swing for Aaron’s arrival…

After Aaron was born the nurse who was in charge of the Nursery asked me if I wanted to feed my son. What a thrill! I held this little fellow in my arms and he had on a little blue knitted cap. When I gave him the bottle he drank like a man on a mission! The head nurse told me that he had character…and I agreed. I was working at SIUC as a Building Custodian. I thought that I must get about seeking a promotion as my family had expanded by 50%! The November 16 that Aaron was born on was cold and cloudy and rainy. It felt like winter. But the sunshine that he brought into MJ and my life was abundant!

Aaron is a photographer extraordinaire! He is a manager/administrator for Home Depot, and he is wonderful son and friend! I think that I have adopted the behavior of my step-father, Earl, regarding when I see Aaron purchase something that I admire…I want one of the same! Aaron would be of the same mind when it comes to our favorite drink, the Dirty Martini, and I relish enjoying them with him! Family means a lot too Aaron…and he has taught me many things! He loves to visit his Uncle Ron and his Aunt Ira Kaye in Destin, Florida…and we are planning a journey there next May!

MJ and I were so inspired by our new son that one day when were in the University Mall, during the Christmas Season, we saw the most lovely handmade Nativity scenes made by a nice woman. She told us that we could customize our order and that she would paint the characters accordingly. Henceforth were traveled to her home and purchased our 100 dollar handmade nativity for Aaron’s first Christmas! We still have it today…although cousin Ricky bumped into it, several years later, and broke the star off of the stable…

There are so many memories from our years in the little house in Elkville. I joyfully recall our first Christmas Tree that MJ and I purchased shortly after Aaron was born. It was 7 feet tall and we decorated it with ornaments that we purchased at the DuQuoin Walmart. It had a Victorian look…and the ornaments were replicas of Victorian decorations. We adorned it with garland, which later Aaron called ‘garlet’ and bubble lights and a majestic red skirt underneath… Aaron was not old enough to request Christmas gifts…but be assured…he had plenty! But really MJ and I did not require any Christmas gifts…Aaron was all that we could desire and hope for!

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  1. great memories… children bring hope to a generation…

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