A St. Louis Journey

It is a blustery Thursday! The wind is blowing at 24 miles per hour. However it is 64 degrees and sunny. It is a week until Thanksgiving! On our way home from St. Louis, last evening, MJ and I saw several homes with their Christmas lights joyfully displayed. Once again I ponder…where did 2020 go?

MJ and I made our annual trek to St. Louis for medical appointments and in our year of almost no travel…it seemed like a big event… All reports are excellent and we even lost this yearly visit due to so many years of positive news! We thank God for his grace! So, in our dedication to social distancing…we visited the St. Louis Art Museum…which is massive structure with a small amount of people. They had an exhibit of German artists on display that we enjoyed very much. Then we first discovered some lovely wire baskets made from telephone wire by skilled artisans from South Africa. We were in the first floor gift shop. The friendly lady informed us that they have a much larger selection in their basement gift shop as the shop is much larger. Thus we were off to the larger shop. When we arrived we did discover a plethora of wondrous wire baskets of all colors and styles. Alongside the beautiful baskets was some unique pottery. The pottery got its hooks in us and would not let us go!

Later at Cunetto House of Pasta I reflected on our excitement to bring home a piece of pottery each. I think that we might have been overwhelmed with the experience of shopping in a gift shop…after a year of staying at home… We both enjoyed the Tuesday night special of baked lasagna. As my buddy Ron would say, ‘To die for!’ I even enjoyed a Grey Goose Dirty Martini…which is usually a Holliday treat!

Covid has given us a lot of time to reflect. Having both friends die of the virus and a friend die suddenly causes me to continue to realize the temporary condition that we humans find ourselves in… None of us have a lease on life. All of us have the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads! ‘But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; then whose will those thing be that you have prepared?’ Luke 12:20. KJV

One of the most enjoyable weekly events that I experience at our church is the lighting of the Advent candles and the reading of scriptures commiserate with the holy season. Our Advent Wreath is on the way and we will participate with our Zoom church services by lighting candles and meditating on the meaning of Jesus birth…

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  1. Cheers to a good clean bill of health! I raise virtual glasses to you and your son as good health is important and I understand the brevity of life too. Take care and glad you had that adventure to St Louis. A good distraction from being cooped indoors.

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