Santa Comes to Eldorado

Porter and Chet were excited about the infinite possibilities that awaited them as Christmas was only 1 week away. They had patiently awaited the magical day all year long. As they spoke with Parker, at lunch, they discovered that Santa had confided in her that he was going to personally visit each of their homes on Christmas Eve…and not let the elves slide down their chimneys…as he sometimes did… Now the personal visit of St. Nick was vitally important in 2020 as all of the Christmas decorations had vanished and the 15 foot tall 3 dimensional Santa that stood proudly in front of the bank…and the beautiful Christmas wreaths that were strung along the town square from one side of the street to the other…had vanished. Why, even when you met your neighbor on the street and greeted them with a hearty and full of holiday Christmas cheer proclamation of..Merry Christmas…they responded with ‘Bah Humbug’…and so it goes. Parker had drawn a majestic Santa Claus and colored it with red and green and it looked quite festive! She placed her art on the bulletin board in the 3rd grade classroom…and today it was nowhere to be found! Chet had attempted to sing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ for the annual Christmas Pagent…and someone turned off his microphone! Porter’s mom, Neva, baked Christmas Coffee Cake for his class Christmas Party…but when he began to pass the the sweet confection out…he pulled out turnips from the Holiday Bag… Christmas was in trouble…

Eldorado was hurting from the 2020 pandemic. Many of the citizens of the small rural community that boasted of having a population of 5,000 friendly people and one old sore head…had become ill with the virus…and some had passed away… Some churches had closed for the safety of their parishioners and other had stayed, stubbornly, open…and beseeched their congregation to stay strong and trust in God…and to not give up their freedom to the will of the Governor! Chet noted that he had tried to find the usual Christmas movies on television and when he could find none he had looked for his Christmas LP’s of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole…and Burl Ives…and they had disappeared also… As former President Jimmy Carter had told the nation…many years ago…there was a malaise covering the country. And then came Santa…

Santa arrived in Eldorado on December the 18th…a week before Christmas! Porter found him fast asleep in the Lazy Boy recliner in their living room. When Porter shook the sleepy old elf…awake…he rubbed him eyes and asked, ‘Porter…are you ready to help me save Christmas?’ Porter responded that not only was he ready but so where Parker and Chet. Santa said, ‘We begin in the morning!’

Saturday brought a cold and windy morning…with holiday shoppers looking for Christmas gifts for their family and friends…but they had forgotten the importance of the event or the joy of the Season. Santa stood where the 15 foot 3 dimensional Santa had stood in front of the bank and began to utter his famous, ‘HO Ho Ho…Merry Christmas!’ Cars stopped in the middle of the road…as the drivers exited and made their way towards the rotund man in the red suit…with a little pipe in his mouth. Suddenly there was Mrs. Claus…better known as CC…along with Elvira the Elf. Pierre Noel told the continually gathering crowd that Christmas had not been canceled and that 2021 was going to be a much better year! CC proclaimed that Santa had gifts for everyone and a special blankett of Christmas Peace and Love and Good Cheer! Elvira said for everyone to wear their masks and to be especially kind to each other… Similar to an ocean wave…everyone began to smile and greet each other with a ‘Happy Christmas’ or a gift for the person that was standing next to them…tears of joy were in everyone’s eyes! Immediately the 15 foot Santa statue re-appeared behind Santa! Parker said, ‘Look…the Christmas Wreaths have come back!’ Porter reached down in his sack of turnips and brought out a delicious piece of Christmas Coffee Cake for Parker and Chet and for everyone around them!

On the Saturday before Christmas the people of Eldorado began to believe again!

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  1. Excellent story! Christmas is gracing us with its presence once again. Happy holidays and merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Jonathon! Merry Christmas 🎄!

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