Christmas For Boris

December 20 was staring back at Boris as he gazed at the calendar. He had awakened believing that it was Christmas Day. When his mom informed him that it was almost time for church and that he had overslept…he scurried to get his shower and prepare for Zoom Church! You see, dear reader, Boris had been attending Zoom Church since last march of 2020…when the pandemic reared its ugly head in the United States. Boris and his best friend Rocky had been talking of little else for the entire month of December. He had made a study of the brightly wrapped gifts that were under their Christmas Tree. There were large ones and small ones and some that rattled like something was broken on the inside of them. Boris tried not to shake these as vigorously as the others! Rocky reported that he believed that two of the gifts that he was going to receive were of Jake and Elwood…or better known as the Blues Brothers. Rocky had found the rare action figures at Electric Larry’s in Carbondale. Now Electric Larrys was a Emporium for the nerd and the geek among us…and of course for Boris and Rocky… Boris was desiring a set of Star Trek Bobbleheads consisting of all of the Captains of the Starship Enterprise…through out television history…beginning with Captain Kirk! Rocky had his heart set on an action figure of Quentin Tarantino’s character of Mr. Brown in the movie ‘Reservoir Dogs.’

Natasha met the boys at E.L..’s. She was searching for Vintage Garments…and Larry had an abundance! She also enjoyed Antique Comics and had quite a collection of Superman editions. When they saw Natasha they noticed that she had on her knee boots and Mod Cap… Boris’s mom often referred to Natasha as a ‘Pip’ and Boris always wondered what that title meant. Natasha told Boris and Rocky that she had seen Pinkus yesterday and that he had told her that his family, of which was him and his mom, would not be exchanging gifts this year. He went on to say that his mom had lost her waitress position at S & B’s Burgers when they had closed due to the pandemic. Pinkus mom had been able to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table…and she usually spent more than she had for Pinkus on Christmas. She had been looking for work but the hospitality industry had ground to a halt due to the forced closures coming from fear of Covid spread… Pinkus and his mom were living at the Good Samaritan Homeless Shelter…and at least they were not cold or hungry like they had been in November.

Boris proclaimed that he had an idea! He and Rocky and Natasha rushed to their homes and each retrieved 3 Christmas gifts that were addressed to them from under their Christmas Trees. Then he said…let us readdress them to Pinkus and his Mom and ask them to join us for Christmas? Boris then thought that a real Christmas gift would be for he and his mom and dad to invite them to stay with them until they could get on their feet…after all they had a 12 room house and several of the rooms they seldom entered… Natasha and Rocky went to Good Samaritan House and invited Pinkus and his mom, Mary, to come to Boris house as they were going to be their guests until life improved. Mary wept tears of joy when she heard the words of love and concern…and she had not even seen the gifts…yet…

Boris dad, who was called Bullwinkle, was a small man with a big heart. When Bullwinkle heard about the plan that had been devised by Boris and Rocky and Natasha…he not only said that Mary and Pinkus were welcome…but that he would help Mary get a job with Southern Illinois University…as he still knew some people there… Pinkus danced and sang a song of joy, ‘No one will call me poor little Pinkus…anymore!’

Boris and Rocky and Natasha were all smiles Christmas morning. The look of happiness on Pinkus and Mary’s face were priceless… And Boris still received his Russian Nesting Doll of Boris Yeltsin and all of the other leaders of Russian…increasingly small and inside of Yeltsin…and Boris said…’What a Country!’ And it was a gift from Electric Larry’s Emporium…

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