Winter Children

Yesterday was a lovely day for walking the campus and around campus lake. The sereen mission and purpose of a flock of ducks on the lake was something to behold. The rhythm of our natural surroundings is a lesson for life. Who of us has not sought to live in the warm rays of our summer sun…when it is winter? We senior citizens miss the hustle and bustle of our youth and the endless hours that we could work or play…without needing more than a few hours sleep and then we were ready to do it again. I recall with great affection the countless days that mom and I and my buddy Jackie and my cousin Brenda spent at Pounds Hollow…swimming and eating a picnic lunch and wiling away the hours with the sure knowledge that tomorrow we would return for more summer adventures…

Nature follows it’s flawless time clock without deviation…unless we humans disrupt the timepiece. In winter all plants appear to die…but in the spring…they resurrect. Winter is a time of reflection and solitude and quiet. Spring is the dawning of life and blossoms and leaves and green grass. If we only experienced winter…we would be of all women/men most miserable… Winter is cold and dark and forbidding and difficult to experience on a sustained level. Exposure to winter is harsh and a ready reason to seek shelter from the brutal elements of the earth in the season of slumber. We have little sunlight…we have little brightness or hope for tomorrow…until we remember that spring is coming.

‘Life is not so much about beginnings and endings, as it is about going on…It’s about muddling through the middle.’ Anna Quindlen

Indeed life is about staying home and taking care of the stuff… We do not hear the peel of the trumpets everyday. No one takes our hand and says, let us storm the battlements and feed the hungry and clothe the naked and house the homeless…but instead the regular drip…drip…drip…or regular life and it’s boring sameness and repetition and watching our clocks to ascertain when change is going to begin. The reality is that we are the change that we are waiting for. We are the vision for a new day of peace and love and unity among our brothers and sisters. We are the Winter Children….preparing for the spring…

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  1. I have realized this thoughts
    through pics.☺

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