I Am From The Past

Jonathan and I enjoy visiting a new store in our town called Electric Larry’s. I have found a Horn of Plenty of memorabilia that scratches me where I itch. For many years I have enjoyed visiting Antique Stores. When I was a young person I thought that they were a waist of time and who would want the junk that they had to offer. Now I think that the ‘junk’ that I was referring to is…great treasure! I find that the older that I become…the more I reminisce on the the past. Items that have age and provenance…our sought by my old eyes.

Today I purchased a Junior High Lunch Box from 1957…the year that I was born. I am amazed at how far I have to scroll backwards on forms that I am filing out on-line…to reach the year of my birth. When I mention former President Nixon and the Watergate debacle…many of my younger friends eyes gloss over. The resignation of the President of the United States was a dramatic event in the early 1970’s! I remember when I was a child that I could not recall if I had been born in 1957 or 1958…as the concept of the 1950’s was obscure to me. Now I wear the year of my birth as a badge of honor.

Last week I bought a pair of mini-binoculars from Electric Larry that are from the 1940’s. They appear to be the type that people at either the racetrack or opera would use for their visual acuity. There is a theory in quantum physics that all time is occurring concurrently. This would mean that the past and present and future are part of a tableau that is already formed. The famous film critic, Roger Ebert, was said to have uttered, shortly before his death, that the life that he had experienced was, ‘This is all an elaborate hoax,’ Mr. Ebert wrote this note as he experienced a deathbed vision.

Aaron and I watched a new documentary, ‘A Glitch In the Matrix,’ yesterday and found it fascinating. It seems the there are many people that believe that we are living in a computer simulation and that much of what we experience and many of the people that we encounter are not real. You may think that this is just science fiction…but there are many quantum physicist that believe that this hypothesis could be possible. This number includes some recognized scientist. The movie focused on the writings of the well know science fiction author, Phillip K. Dick, and the study of De Ja Vu experiences. It seems that there are thousand of people that remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison rather than being released. This would represent a glitch in the matrix.

I enjoy thinking about my school days much more than I enjoyed experiencing them…or at least it seems so… As I contemplate the early days of my christian walk…I am encouraged that I have learned more than I have forgotten. I believe more in the efficacy of Christ’s teaching and his empathy for all humanity than I did when I first began. In my early days I wondered if my low position on the economic scale reflected on my poor service as a follower of Christ. Now that I have some economic stability and have not had to worry about where my next meal was coming from…I know that the ministry of Jesus was to the poor and marginalized and forgotten of society.

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  2. If you look through the other end of your binoculars, do they show you the future?

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