Cry Room

Billy Bump slept in this morning. After all it was Sunday or the third day of the weekend. Now when I say Sunday is the third day of the weekend…any apple pie fed and blue jean wearing boy or girl knows that the most important day of the weekend is Friday. Friday night is the opening wide of the door of opportunity for the luxurious time off from school and it is the beginning of adventures in Eldorado! Billy and Chet were going to begin the evening playing pool on Billy’s miniature pool table that he had received as a Christmas present. Then, they were going to the Orpheum Theatre and watch Planet of the Apes…with Charlton Heston playing the lead role. It was 1968 and they were both eleven years old…and ready for whatever the world brought their way.

Billy’s stepfather, Demetrius, was going to take them to the movie in his latest Ford Falcon car. Now E.D…as Demetrius liked to be referred to…was a Ford Falcon aficionado. He currently had six of them in different states of repair or disrepair. E.D. worked on his Falcons each night. There were Falcons in the garage and in the driveway and a couple in the back yard. He also enjoyed Ford Fairlanes…which were a bit more luxurious than the Falcon. When E.D. was behind the wheel of one of his Falcon collection…he was in his glory!

Parker called Billy and said that she would like to join he and Chet at the Theatre. She said that she would meet them there. So when they pulled up…there was Parker smiling at them from the lobby with a Coca Cola in her hand. Soon they were in the darkened theatre and wondering what awaited them… Suddenly, Lou the Orpheum owner, asked the three intrepid eleven year olds to come to the lobby as he needed their help. When they entered the harsh fluorescent light of the lobby…Lou told them that Wanda, the ticket lady and also his wife, had gone into the Cry Room…and not returned. He wanted them to check the Cry Room and see what was keeping Wanda…as there were still tickets to collect. When they got to the Cry Room the door was ajar and there was a small nightlight in the corner of the room that had a red bulb in it. However there was no Wanda to be seen… When Billy and Parker and Chet exited the Cry Room they noticed that the Orpheum looked brighter and newer. Lou was nowhere to be found…but a man saying that he was Lou’s father was in his place. When they mentioned that they could not find Wanda…Lou’s father asked who that was. Parker told him that Lou had asked them to find his wife….and Lou’d dad explained that Lou was still in junior high…

Chet began to explain to his friends what had happened. ‘We have travelled through a Black Hole and gone backwards in time for 20 years. Instead of it being 1968 we are in 1948,’ said Chet. Billy B. said that with this fortuitous turn of events…they should explore the Eldorado of old! With that they left the Orpheum and observed the booming and bustling coal mining town of Eldorado. The first oddity that they noticed was that on almost every town street was another movie theatre. There was a Plymouth Deluxe and behind it a Tucker Torpedo…which was one of only 51 manufactured between 1948 – 1949…according to Chet. The town square was full of stores of all manner and type. There were churches on every corner…there was the First Presbyterian and the Methodist and the Church of God and the Gospel Assembly…and all boasted large memberships. But…they had yet to find Wanda the Ticket Taker…

As the 11 year old trio returned to the Orpheum there was Wanda standing in front under the marquee. Julias Cesar was advertised on the marquee and Charlton Heston was in the movie. Wanda told Parker that she was disorientated as she had entered… her husband’s and her theatre and been met by her father-in-law that had been dead for several years. He did not recognize her and told her that his son, Lou, was at home studying for his algebra exam on Monday. She mentioned that she was with him in 1948 and that she remembered studying with Lou at his house…and that they had experienced their first kiss during that study session. Billy B. said that they should go back to the Cry Room and see if they could return to 1968…and the Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston. So they did…and when they came out…it was 1968…once again. There was Lou…and he was overjoyed at the trio finding his lost wife in the Cry Room! And…there was the Tucker Torpedo…parked in front of the Orpheum…brand new and worth a lot of money…

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  1. Don’t you just love those big American cars of the 1950s, I received a lot of American magazines at that time, and America was like another world, from the austerity here at home after the war. I wanted to go there and travel in one of those cars, and build dragsters in my garage, live in the land of milk and honey. America has ended up just like the rest of the world,ill divided between the very rich and the desperately poor, what went wrong?

    1. American is still a land of infinite ♾ possibilities if our political leaders will focus on assisting the working class and the poor, rather than tax cuts for the rich. An old saying is that, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’

  2. I think it is much more a globe phenomenon than simply one country, so it will need radical change, so much hatred as been caused by interference in other people lives.

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