Seeking the New Path

Life changes. It is changing all around us and we often are oblivious to the disruption. Have you ever observed an old man flirting with a young woman? His life has changed and he is not aware of the alteration that is obvious to everyone who is watching his sophomoric antics! We grow older without effort…we do not grow wiser without concerted effort… When I left Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale over 10 years ago…I knew that the University would change…I just did not realize how much. A decade is a long period of time in a human life. While physical changes are transpiring daily and cultural norms are morphing into something new…we often stay rooted in what we learned 40 years ago. Change is hard! When we embrace change we depart our comfort zone. We admit that although we are old…we do not know it all. In fact in the long history of humanity our knowledge and understating is but a blip on the radar of time.

I have always been fascinated by paths and roads and train tracks and, as the great poet Robert Frost wrote, ‘The path less traveled.’ ‘Two roads diverged in a wood and I – took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.’ Robert Frost

So, we are all seeking our new path for our new normal. Perhaps you have not been walking for your health like you did 20 years ago…why not take the new/old path? Could it be that you used to rely on the help of your friends and neighbors…why not humble yourself again and receive the love of those who are concerned about your health and welfare?

As we seek the path that is most appropriate of us at the stage of life that we are currently occupying…we must be willing to change and alter our lifestyle to accommodate God’s will for the stage of life that we are in. Perhaps we need to walk or exercise more for our optimal life? It could be that we need to be less judgmental and more accepting of others that are different than we are? The path may begin as a winter path…and transform to a spring path as we follow the turns and twists and valleys and hills of our journey…

Our path changes and sometimes we are not aware of the change. Sometimes we are walking the path and we encounter brambles and thorns and steep ruts and holes that you could hide a car in…and we do not realize what has gone wrong. We need to have ears for the still small voice of the turtle dove and whisper in the wind. We need to listen to those who like us…simply for us and not for our money or what we can do for them. We need to seek the path that the deer frequent and the squirrels and the cardinal and the blue jay. The path that is sought by God’s beautiful creation…

2 responses

  1. You’re so right that change is hard but something that we need to do x

  2. If you read Captain Slocum’s three-year voyage in the last chapter he brings his boat home to the mooring where it was built, people that knew him before he set out, told him he had changed, he said yes I am younger. I feel the same way about my life now, I have cast off many of my old ways, almost without knowing, and I feel younger, for it.

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