A Hard Road to Travel

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For many years I have sought after light. I need light to guide and to save me. I need it to chase away the darkness. Light is necessary for love to enter my soul. I’ve read both of the testaments the Holy Bible has to offer. There’s much talk of darkness and light contained in its pages. The struggle for me to behave and become a child of the light has been an epic battle.

When I think of heaven I imagine a country of light where all my sins and all of my sorrows are no more. I imagine no more bipolar disorder and no more mistakes that are deadly to my heart and soul. It can be difficult to travel the Christian’s path. A great hope of mine is that I am heading in the right direction.

What are some aspects of life that defy the darkness? When…

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2 responses

  1. I was sent to a job when I worked in the dockyard, joined a new group of men, they quickly assessed you, I was surprised when at break time, one summed up their thoughts when he said “He’s a Christian” I took it as a compliment but had never thought of myself in that way, you know a churchgoer, but I did try to follow the teachings of Christ at that time. Strang that happened near 60 years ago, and it pooped into my head now.

  2. What an interesting story.

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