March Madness

Billy B. truly believed that he was ready for anything. His life in Chicago had truly been an adventure and he was the star of the Billy B. show! His mom and dad adored him…’Don’t you like the sound of saying the word adored?’ His friends hung on his every word…and the adults in his life deferred to his mature speech and observations Susie, Billy B’s much older girlfriend, hugged him whenever she saw him and seemed to be in love with his thin and tiny physique. Billy endeavored to shake himself awake after he saw the actor Fess Parker…at his kitchen table in his Daniel Boone outfit…eating waffles… Uncle Lester mentioned that Daniel had been hungry and therefore he had made him some waffles and black coffee. Mr. Boone asked Billy B. if he was ready to hunt some raccoon in the hills of Kentucky and Billy asked if Chet and Parker could come with him. Daniel said, ‘The more the merrier,’ and doffed his Coonskin Cap on to his head and they departed the Chicago suburb home that when the front door opened…. there was the wild woodsy hills of Daniel Boone’s home…Kentucky.

Chet said, ‘We are not in Chicago…anymore.’ Indeed…on the horizon…were a family of black bears. Jefferson asked where Billy and Parker and Chet were. Lester said that they went out of the front door with Fess Parker who was portraying the historical figure and television show personality…Daniel Boone… Jefferson said, ‘I hope that they do not get into any mischief.’ Along came Mingo who was Daniel Boone’s friend and compatriot on the television show. Mingo was of the Cherokee Nation and was portrayed by the actor, Ed Ames. Parker asked, ‘Are we really in Kentucky or are we on a television show set?’ At the same moment the group heard a loud call, ‘Cut and print…that is a wrap!’

Fess Parker walked laconically up to the group of 6 year olds and said that he appreciated their willingness to guest star on his TV Show. He went on to say that they had truly added to the ambiance of portraying a Kentucky family who was in danger of being eaten by black bears. Ed Ames added that Billy B. and Parker and Chet had been so natural in the portrayal of Kentucky Hill Children that he would like for them to accompany him on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson the following week. He mentioned that he thought that he was scheduled to throw a tomahawk at a silhouette during his segment…

Suddenly Billy B.woke up…again. He was in the Lottaburger and there was Uncle Lester grining like the Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland and asking him if he wanted More…as David Copperfield had said in the Charles Dickens classic.

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