Waiting On Yesterday

It is a lazy and laconic Sunday that has contained within it the hope for a bright future. The temperature is mild and portends the coming of spring. The Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale Campus was quiet as Jonathon and I perused its confines. The squirrels were experiencing a happy Sabbath. Life is usually quite and serene on Ash Wood Lane. The backyard pond brings me hours of comfort and peace as I watch the actions of the Blue and White Heron and our resident Beaver…and the jumping of the fish. At night the frogs croak a melodious tune.

I journeyed to Barnes and Noble Booksellers, yesterday, to see if they had a Bible that I could purchase. I have been collecting Bibles for many years. Most of the ones that I liked appeared similar to those that I have bought in years gone by. I did see a Scofield Study Bible commemorating the 1917 anniversary of Mr. Scofield’s writing of his notes into what became the Old Scofield Study Bible. My first pastor had a Scofield Study Bible that he enjoyed and thus I have ordered a Bible for Easter that I did not already have.

Waiting on yesterday is a hobby that we all engage in. We often compare our current society to the society that we were either born into or at least the society that we grew up in and lived our formative years. Even after 10 years of retirement from SIUC…I still reflect, almost, daily on my many years working at the University. I ruminate regarding the untold hours that I worked… and the worries and stress that were associated with the position…but primarily I remember the good times and the success that we enjoyed as a great housekeeping organization. I was talking to Aaron yesterday and I recalled scuffling his hair and playing with him when he was a youngster. He was such a sweet natured child and a good boy. Even in my more recent history I recall with a vivid memory our visits to Europe and the excitement of being newly retired and, ‘As free as a bird on the wing!’ I remember wondering if I would eve be able to retire…and now the primary event is a decade in the rearview mirror!

‘Today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday.’ Our future is here and the harbinger of peace and prosperity and happiness is upon us! ‘Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.’ German Proverb

Photo by Steve on Pexels.com

Hope for our future greeted us with open arms when we were 20…and 30…and 40…and it greets us today. We are living in a different chapter of our lives…but none the less as important as each of the preceding ones. The Bible has captivated me since I was 12 years old. I used to read it nightly at the kitchen table while the coal and wood stove in the adjoining room was fired up to 90 degrees plus! The pages on my Bible curled up due to the extreme heat.

During my formative years I attended the movies both on Friday night and again on Sunday…where I stayed from early afternoon until late evening on the strength of a 35 cent ticket for admission. I watched the same movie for 3 or 4 screenings and could quote entire segments of dialogue from them. I love going to the movies to this day…

Mysteries do not reveal their primary secrets until the latter portions of the book. Life is a magnificent mystery and we are the characters within the narrative. How often we have wondered why events in our lives went the way that they did…now we are in the most exciting portion of our novel! It has always been my conviction that this earthy life is but a ‘Foyer Experience’ and that once the door of our passing into there next phase of our life has transpired…we will wonder why we dreaded the opening of the door…

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  1. As we move into our twilight years we have the time to reflect and look back on what we believe we’re better times. I think my working days were the best years of my life too. The knowing where you were supposed to be, the knowing what you were supposed to be doing, and all the people around you doing and knowing too. If you want a healthy, vibrant and happy country, make sure that everyone has a job, (regardless of their ability) and a fair wage at the end of the working week. Education is supposed to be about – no one left behind – but that seems to be old fashioned now. “Forgive an old mans tears – and thank you for the years.”

    1. Well said, my friend.

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