New Life

Jonathon and I walked the Campus this afternoon. It is 79 degrees. I think that it must be the warmest day this year. The spring blossoms are fading on some of the trees and just taking off on others. They do not last long. People are scurrying about as if they have been locked up. The air is fresh with the smell of newness of life and purpose and a blank slate for us to write upon…

When I was young I did not dwell on the inevitability of the end of life. And this is not because I did not have reason to do so with some health challenges. Instead I was always looking toward the next day that was coming. But, as I have gotten older, or I am older than I have ever been…as my pastor, Kerry, said in an. article he wrote for our church newsletter, I ponder why I am here and what have I contributed. Spring inspires me…and this has not always been the case…as I used to be fond of fall and winter…but spring has supplanted winter. New life intrigues my imagination. Is this short and manic life the only one that we are afforded or should we look to the promise of a future that is brimming with possibilities? Are we doomed to a simple one time chance at happiness…and if we missed the brass ring….too bad…

The biologist will tell us the we are the product of evolution and that contained in our brief earthly experience is the total of our self. We feel that we have attained nirvana if we have been what our society told us was a good man or a good woman. When in our real experience our spirit soars and our soul cries out for more. Have you ever experienced the understanding of what another human being was thinking or preparing to do? Have you ever wondered about or questioned the doctrine or dogma of you denomination or the purpose of your faith community?

Palm Sunday is 1 day away. Our reflections on the gift of christianity is a gift for us. The beauty of the humble doctrine of servant leadership is unparalleled in our human experience. Let us seek to discover the answers of life’s greatest questions in the eyes of the hopeless and downtrodden and the marginalized and forgotten members of our human family.

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  1. Way back in the time of the Druids (and I’m sure other cultures too) they held celebrations at Mid Winter, from there on winter would end and spring would come again, a time to plant and a time of hope for a good harvest, for a good harvest meant that they would not go hungry in the winters to come. ‘Turn, turn, turn to everything there is a season, – a purpose for everything under heaven’.

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