Holy Week

It is a lovely 64 degrees with 15 mile per hour wind in my neck of the woods. We had a great Zoom church service yesterday, celebrating Palm Sunday. Pastor Kerry mentoned that many churches have little observance of Easter other than Palm Sunday and then a week later Easter. Actually, each day of this week is a member of Holy Week and has a title:

Palm Sunday (Passion Sunday)

Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday

Holy Wednesday (Spy Wednesday)

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday (Black Saturday)

Easter Vigil

Easter Day

What did Jesus do during Holy Week?

Day 1: Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday…

Day 2: On Monday Jesus clears the temple.

Day 3: Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives.

Day 4: Holy Wednesday.

Day 5: Passover and the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday.

So, this week is full of significance for the christian community. As I reflect on the Easters of my youth I recall that all that I was aware of was Easter Day. Until the age of 12 I did not attend church on a regular basis and knew little more than Christ resurrected on Easter and the Bunny hid Easter eggs. It also seemed to me that the Bunny got more television coverage than Jesus. There was no special Easter dinner or new clothes…but I did notice the beautiful photos in magazines of families all decked out in their Easter Bonnets. Pastor Kerry noted that Easter did not hold the significance or time dedicated to it as in years gone by…in the church. Not long ago the church was at the center of our society and much of life was planned around its calendar. On more than one commemorative plaque at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale it would is proudly noted regarding past presidents of the University that they were christian. At one time our church had over 700 members. Yet…those days seemed to have slipped though our grasp for the expediency of sports and beach time. Barbecue and basketball and picnics on the green…and just some down time…have become our sanctuary on Sunday morning. We tell ourselves that we worship God in our hearts and in our spirits and we contribute to charity. Yet the homeless surround our favorite restaurants and sleep rough along Pennsylvania Avenue in sight of the White House. There are now so many mass shootings that they often do not make the nightly news. We know that our society is ill…but we search blindly for the cure to our malady. Five-hundred and fifty million of our citizens have died during our Pandemic…and yet we have relegated this life taking virus to the political/religious hydra headed monster that suffices for religious understanding and education.

No water for the thirsty if they are in a voting line in Georgia…it is illegal… Do you ever remember water…being illegal?

‘For I was hungry , and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:’ Matthew 25:35. KJV

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