Little Jesus

Walking on Campus this afternoon was delightful. A bit summer like with a temperature of 82 degrees and a nice breeze. I ordered a little stuffed Jesus figure…that is obviously for children…and it suits me to a tee. In fact I ended up ordering two from different companies and the other one has a lamb with the stuffed Jesus figure. I find just looking at the smiling and inviting figure…calming and uplifting. Perhaps we all need more calming and uplifting influences. I am still engaged in the worthy project of re-vitalizing my 14 year old Toyota Camry. Today I purchased the nicest black rubber floor mats for $27. I had literally worn a hole though the factory mat that was on the drivers side and began a hole in the cars’ carpet. The same friendly young woman waited on me today as yesterday. She told me that her former school principal had been named Mr. Brooks and that when she heard that name she had fond memories. I was pleased to posses a fond memory name. Since I want to drive it a little while longer it is time for some basic improvements.

I watched a 4 hour documentary on HBO entitled, Exterminate All The Brutes, which is a phrase from Joseph Conrad’s famous novel, Heart of Darkness. I not only highly recommend this 4 star production but I feel confident in assuring you that you will never understand history…as you once did…after you see this film. Our bias and racism and white elitism goes back much further than you have imagined.

Jonathon’s 37th birthday is Monday. Tomorrow we travel to Paducah, Kentucky for dinner at the Freight House…while last year we were forced to pick up his birthday dinner and bring it home to enjoy. When I consider that Jonathon is soon to be 37 and Aaron is 39…I know that I must be older than 40… Life is arising from it’s pandemic slumber. The airlines are experiencing more air travelers than since the coronavirus covered our planet. Hard knocks are abounding in our human experience. As the old saying goes, ‘The best laid plans of mice and men suddenly go awry.’ But we still have Little Jesus to comfort us…and my sons are men and doing well…and the solution to our shared 2020/2021 Pandemic is happening as we speak. Our heads may be ‘bloodied…but unbowed.’ We may have sought and cried and agonized about the deep and dark tunnel that we are in…but now there is light and peace and a shoulder to lean upon…as we slowly travel down life’s winding and hilly and rocky road…

4 responses

  1. Happy birthday to Jonathan and many happy returns of the day! Love your bear or soft cuddly toys theme. Glad it is warming up on your end as I was reading the papers and realised that UK is still cold?!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

  2. I only wish I could share your eternal optimism – light at the end of the tunnel – downhill – the worst is behind us sort of attitude, Sadly I believe the end of the pandemic will only bring with it even more challenges for the future. I think a clue is in the words – World Wide Pandemic, still I travel hopefully.

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