A Fun Journey To Paducah, Kentucky

We have not been out much…like for over a year. I purchased a Swiss Army Knife with the date of 2020 emblazoned on it as a reminder of our Pandemic year. I should have bought one that had 2020 and 2021 on it. Nevertheless before we were to leave I asked Aaron to help me in my endeavor to re-charge my air conditioner in the Camry. Now I had worked on it on Friday with some concerted concentration and yet had been unable to perform what the gentlemen on Youtube had assured me was a 10 minute job. As I was just about to give up when Aaron said that we should try it one more time and he discovered the unique manner that the hose attached to the A/C. Port. Suddenly success! Aaron was a life saver and I marvel at his ingenuity and focus on the problem that had been a Rubik’s Cube to me.

Our means off conveyance was the new Subaru Forester. I have driven it so little that each time is like the first time. MJ and I discovered a few days ago that we had been driving our new vehicle with the vents closed…and then we understood why it took so long to cool down when we lowered the cabin temperature. The SUV has a safety feature that when engaged it keeps the vehicle well within the center and side lines of the lane that you are driving in and it brakes if you inadvertently get to close to the car that is in front of you. If you leave your hands off of the steering wheel for too long a warning appears that you must put your hands on the wheel.

Tomorrow is Jonathon’s 37th birthday. I remember when he was 3 and 7 and newborn in his mothers arms. Jonathon is a wonderful writer and thinker. He analyzes what is said to him and what he reads…and he reads voraciously…and he is a Christian that does not talk about it…but lives it! I do not have the ability to count his friends because he is a celebrity in our town. Everywhere I go with him…someone knows him. One of his friends bought his breakfast at Harbaugh’s Cafe yesterday…in honor of his birthday. Jonathon loves life and he loves people and he never says a mean our unkind word about anyone…

We shopped at the unique and exciting stores of lower town Paducah . We have made countless trips to Paducah…but it had been well over a year since we had. been there…and it all seemed strangely new….and yet familiar. We pursued the wonderful store where Aaron bought his great Steam Punk lamp a few years ago. We strolled through the Art Gallery that has several artists that we have purchased works from in years gone by. We had a first time experience for our dinner at the Freight House. It was wonderful! MJ and Aaron had a Crawfish Pie that was to die for! It was humongous! Jonathon had shrimp and grits and I had a braised pork shoulder. We arrived at the 5:00 P:M: opening of the restaurant and it filled to capacity in 15 minutes. I enjoyed a Dirty Sara Vodka Martini and and Boulevard A combination of 3 liquors…and the Boulevard A transported me to Boulevard A…

MJ reminded us of our very enjoyable dinner with our friends, JoAnn and Peter, many years ago. We had dinner at Lick Creek and brought our own booze and had Crawfish…that JoAnn expertly peeled for not only Peter but MJ and I as well. We miss JoAnn and Peter…

I reminisce about Nancy Calcutt who is one of our premier Paducah Artists that we have collected. She and her wonderful husband and terrific musician, Charlie, along with Paulette Mentor, came to our house in Carbondale for dinner and they achieved a permanent place in my heart…

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  1. Aye, those experts on ‘U’ Tube make it all look so easy.

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