Happy Birthday #37!

Thirty-seven years ago today…Jonathon came into the world. His mom and Aaron and I were eagerly awaiting his arrival! Aaron was very excited regarding the concept of having a little brother. He was born on Thursday, April 12, 1984…after 11:00 P:M:. I wondered if he was going to have the distinction of being born on Friday the 13th? Not long after we brought him home…I noticed that he was going to be an explorer. In just a matter of several months he was climbing out of his crib and jumping to the floor with a loud and enthusiastic thud and a lusty laugh! We have always had a lot of tchotchkes and artistic figurines around the Brooks home…and Jonathon systematically sought to crack open each one in order to facilitate his study of their construction…

Jonathon is a proud and dedicated member of the Southern Illinois University Community. He is a writer extraordinaire and a friend to everyone. I am never with him that he does not encounter another friend. He is an elder in our church and refuses to say a bad word about anyone. Jonathon is available to his friends for an encouraging talk and a shoulder to lean upon. He and his brother, Aaron, are a constant comfort and help to MJ and I.

Jonathon loves to have a good meal and a good time. He is like his Grandma Hickam…he loves to travel. Both he and Aaron are always ready to help MJ and I and they both are the Apples Of Our Eyes! He is an Epicurean and a connoisseur of craft beers. He takes his responsibilities at SIUC Key Control very seriously and checks and double checked, for accuracy, all work that is done by the departments office.

When one of Jonathon’s thousands of friends need help…he is always there! He is a reader, voraciously, and he is a accomplished writer…and he is 37 years old today. He and Aaron are the light of MJ and my life and the joy of our souls…and they both laugh at their dad’s jokes…

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  1. Straight from the mouth of a proud dad.

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