A Cold Front Is Coming

It is currently 46 degrees with a low of 28 degrees forecast for tonight. My favorite Campus fountain, Paul and Virginia, has just been filled with water…I wonder if it will freeze? As I took my daily walk at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, I snapped several photos of blossoming trees that will look much different after the cold bites their leaves. As I was driving home I saw one of the staff at our Civic Center covering their flowering plants as a blanket from the cold. I noticed a squirrel who’s bushy tail was blowing in the chilly breeze as he furtively consumed an acorn.

Nature was dancing and singing and rejoicing in the freedom of the spring and all the bounty that it promises. Now, today, nature is wondering why it bloomed so early? The same surprises confront our human experience. We are so happy and relieved and feeling freedom from Covid 19 since the vaccinations have been offered to all adults. Yet the Pandemic is not over and it is rearing its ugly head…still…across the planet.

So we have a unique opportunity to participate in a new normal. We have a second chance to reassess our reality and remember that we are all in this together. We live together…we die together…we must survive together. It is a myth that we each live in our own Green Zone Compound… and are safe and secluded in the bubble that we have carefully created. We that are well and have no needs and enjoy fulfilling our wants, have been awakened by the Virus.

We must invite others into our circle. We must expand our circle. We have to understand that the divisions that we have erected to divide us…are false and fake and destructive. Jesus saw everyone. Jesus loved everyone. Jesus was often found in the company of the marginalized of his time. The scripture tells us that, ‘the common people heard him gladly.’ Things change… Covid 19 will ultimately be vanquished….but what about Covid 20? Do we want to die when our neighbor…who we have dismissed and who we have ignored and who we do not see…has the medicine that will heal us?

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  1. In the movie The Game, Michael Douglas plays the part of a wealthy investment banker who seems to have everything (or at least everything that money can buy). On his birthday his brother gives him a card that is an invitation to The Game. He inquired at his club if any of his friends had joined this club, they had, but would not divulge anything about it but to say “I once was dead – now I’m alive” Once within the game it takes everything from him and as the lines are blurred between reality and the game a conspiracy becomes apparent. Sometimes we have to lose everything (such as our freedom with coronavirus) to really understand what we have, life and that is precious.

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