Hope Bringers

Blue Skys and high spirits are billowing out of the happy inhabitants of Little Egypt. We are a bit like a bottle of Coca Cola…that has been shaken…prior to being opened. There is so much pent up exuberance that it is on display for all around us to see and be the beneficiary’s of. Campus was abuzz with laughter and music and happy talk as I walked its’ spring confines. Everyone was so demonstrably happy…that I became happy. I began to reflect on all of the good things that God has in store for us. I just finished a fascinating book entitled, ‘The Children’s Bible,’ by Lydia Millet. In the book, which is a cautionary tale regarding global warming, one of the characters likens the Bible to nature…I see the correlation. I visited our churches wonderful Administrative Professional, Barb Stewart, this morning. I presented a thank you card and gift from our churches governing board, the Session, and once again was made hopefull by her wonderful personality and servant/leadership. Have you ever known someone that just by being in their presence…you are encouraged?

The other night I was watching an old recording of The Hopeful Gospel Quartet. The show was from 1993 on the PBS program Austin City Limits. The Quartet began on the radio show from Minnesota, A Prarie Home Companion, which was a creation of the popular author of Lake Wobegon Days, Garrison Keillor. The show transported me back in time where I had a cassette tape for a tape player that I had in my car. The cassette tape experience seemed the epitome of modern technology and that alone with the pager that I wore on my belt assured me that I had reached the land of the old cartoon, The Jetsons. The Hopeful Gospet Quartet sang songs of hope and uplifting and promise of God’s love and a brighter future…I wore the tape out…

A mistake that I have made is to think that happiness is directly proportional to happenings. Not so…I have discovered. Happiness is a conviction that you are alight and that you can help others to feel alright. By sharing of yourself you can encourage and help others. The irony of happiness is that by focusing on your story…my story is written… The riddle of contentment is to make those with whom you have connection feel content and safe and secure…and loved…

My friend thanked me for bringing others hope…and I was gobsmacked…and humbled. That is what I am stumbling around trying to do…but I doubted if anyone noticed…

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  1. I know people that inspire just to be with them, you are instantly transformed in their presence, because they are happy and content with their lot, it is contagious, I wish I could be like that all the time.

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